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Work-Related Threats or Promises Tied to Sexual Favors
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Have you been subjected to unwanted advances from your boss or a supervisor at work? Have you been offered a promotion or promised a raise or other work-related benefit in exchange for sexual favors? Have you been threatened with punishment—an undesirable assignment, a demotion or reassignment, or even the loss of your job—if you don’t submit to a supervisor’s request for sex?

You don’t have to simply accept it or try to ignore it. Under state and federal law, quid pro quo (literally “this for that”) sexual harassment—the offer of a job-related benefit or the threat of a job-related sanction—is prohibited. Our skilled, respected and successful New York sexual harassment lawyers can help you protect your rights.

At Leeds Brown Law, PC, we have an outstanding reputation for our successfully representing victims of employment discrimination, including sexual harassment. We built our practice on a commitment to hard work, thorough preparation, and the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. As a testament to our efforts, our employment law team won the largest sexual harassment verdict ever awarded by a New York court, $15 million for a victim on unwanted sexual advances.

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Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Claims

Quid pro quo sexual harassment takes many forms. It must be done by someone with the power to honor the promises or threats involved, so it customarily involves a supervisor or manager. It may take the form of a promise of a work-related benefit in exchange for sex, such as:

  • A raise or promotion
  • A positive performance review
  • A new office
  • The opportunity to travel, obtain special training or have access to other job-related benefits

It may also be in the form of a threat, including:

  • Reassignment to a less desirable location or task
  • Demotion
  • Denial of a raise or promotion
  • Denial of training, travel or other benefits available to similarly situated employees

Our Representation in Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Cases

We will aggressively fight for your rights, carefully investigating the facts and circumstances of your case, so that we can marshal and preserve all evidence to support your claim. We’ll prepare and file all pleadings and documents required by the courts, and will be your voice in all hearings or proceedings.

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