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Defending the Rights of Individuals Who’ve Been Sexually Abused By Priests/Clergy in New York

It has come to light, in the past few decades, that there are thousands of children and young people who have been sexually assaulted by priests and/or other clergy. The reality is that some of these child predators are adults trusted to teach, mentor, and guide children. Children and young people are vulnerable to sexual abuse at school, at camp, and even at religious institutions.

At one point, it was almost impossible to believe that a priest would engage in the egregious and unlawful act of sexually abusing a child. However, over the past three decades, such allegations have become widespread. Sexual abuse can and often does irreparably damage a young person’s well-being and psychological development. It could take years of extensive and costly therapy for a victim of sexual abuse to overcome psychological distress. If you or your child were a victim of sexual abuse, seek legal recourse. But you must act as soon as possible. Our sexual abuse attorneys can help. We represent victims of sexual abuse by priests and/or clergy in New York City, Long Island, and Upstate New York.

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Leeds Brown Law has handled cases of sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse for over 30 years. We’ve secured millions in monetary damages for victims of sexual harassment and/or sexual abuse and have achieved landmark victories in New York City, Long Island and throughout the state of New York. With Leeds Brown Law on your side, you no longer have to be a victim. We fight vigorously for our clients, determining and pursuing courses of action that meet their best interests. Although we pride ourselves in our litigating prowess, we’re sensitive to the needs of our clients should they require confidential settlement negotiations, mediation or arbitration.

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