Parents of 19, Duggars Now Await Grandchild No. 2

The Duggars, TLC’s favorite supersized family, announced they are awaiting grandchild number two.  Josh Duggar, the oldest member of the 19-child family told Today Show’s Meredith Viera that he and his wife Anna are expecting their second child in 2011.  Made famous by the TLC reality show 19 and counting, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have shown America that having 19 children, although sometimes overwhelming, is a blessing from God.  Religious beliefs have much to do with the family’s large size, as the Duggars have vowed to put their faith in God and have as many children as they could be blessed with.  The couple’s last child, Josie, was born three months premature and weighed only 1 pound, 6 ounces at birth, but is now thriving. Michelle, 44, addressed the possibility of a 20th child, saying, “We would love more! I know that my mommy years are probably numbered, and I don’t know how many more children God will see fit to give me.”   Full article:

Estate planning is vital for every family, especially families with small children.  It is best practice to review your Last Will and Testament as your family dynamics change.  For a family of such large size like the Duggars, it is important to include Guardianship and Conservatorship nominations for all minor children.  Most families opt to nominate the same person to serve as Guardian of their children so that their children will remain under the same roof.  Before you make that nomination it is important to sit down and talk to the person who you wish to care for your children to make sure that person would feel comfortable assuming such a major responsibility.  It is also important to consider a testamentary trust, so that your child does not receive an inheritance in one lump sum.  Many choose to disperse funds in smaller sums over a many years.  Parents of minor children face many big decisions.  Having a well thought out Estate plan can ease much of the stress of the unknowing.

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