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Have you run into the “glass ceiling” at work, unable to advance because of your gender? Have you been subjected to other forms of subtle or not-so-subtle discrimination because you are a woman—continual assignment of more menial tasks, denial of benefits offered to men in similar positions, unwarranted complaints about your dress or conduct that are clearly tied to your gender?

Under state and federal laws, employers cannot engage in discrimination based on gender. If you have been individually targeted, or if your employer has imposed rules that unfairly discriminate against everyone of your gender, our lawyers can help protect your rights.

At Leeds Brown Law, PC, we are well-known and respected by clients and colleagues for our knowledge, skill and success in employment law matters, including discrimination claims. We built our reputation and practice through dedication to hard work, thorough preparation, and the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. As an indication of our skill and abilities, our lawyers won the largest sexual harassment award ever granted in the New York courts, a $15 million verdict to a victim of employment discrimination.

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Gender Discrimination Claims

Under Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, as well as New York state laws, an employer may not engage in certain types of discrimination based on the gender of an employee. The laws prohibit “disparate treatment ” based on gender, i.e., conduct by an employer that singles out a specific employee based on gender and treats that employee less favorably than others similarly situated who are not of that gender.

The law also, however, prohibits conduct that has a “disparate impact.” An employer may impose a new rule that purports to be aimed at all employees, and that seemingly has nothing to do with gender, but it may only affect one gender, and may have a negative effect on that gender. Such conduct may be held to have a disparate impact, and may be the basis for a discrimination lawsuit.

Our Representation in Gender-Based Discrimination Claims

We provide comprehensive counsel to women and men who have been victims of gender-based discrimination on the job. Our lawyers will thoroughly investigate your claim, gathering and preserving all relevant evidence. We’ll prepare and file all court documents in a timely manner, and will be a strong advocate in all hearings or proceedings.

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