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Have you been denied a promotion in favor of a much younger worker? Has your employer “phased out” your position, only to establish a new and similar job staffed by a younger (and lower salaried) employee? Has your employer imposed new rules, guidelines or restrictions that seem targeted at you, because of your advanced age? You may have a right to take legal action.

Under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), if you are 40 or older, you cannot be the victim of certain types of discrimination in the workplace based on your age. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights.

At Leeds Brown Law, PC, we built our reputation and our successful practice on a dedication to hard work, thorough preparation, and the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct. We are recognized by clients and colleagues as leaders in the representation of victims of employment discrimination. As a barometer of our success, we obtained the largest sexual harassment judgment ever awarded in the New York courts, a $15 million verdict in an employment discrimination case.

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Age-Based Discrimination Claims

Under the ADEA, provided you are 40 or older, your employer cannot:

  • Discriminate in hiring, firing, promotions, raises, wages or layoffs because of your age
  • Deny benefits to you or reduce your benefits, unless the cost of providing you with reduced benefits is the same as providing full benefits to a younger worker
  • Refer to age preference or limitations in any job notice or advertisement
  • Require that you retire at a certain age

Our Representation in Age-Based Discrimination Actions

Our employment discrimination lawyers will meticulously investigate and prepare your case, gathering and preserving all evidence to support your claim. We’ll prepare and file your complaint and all other documents necessary to pursue your claim in court, and will be your representative in all proceedings or hearings.

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