New York City Gender Discrimination Lawyers Protect Men

New York City sex discrimination attorneys are adept at protecting men and women from workplace discrimination. Many people believe that the victims of sex discrimination are always women and that the laws protect only women. This is simply not the case. While it is safe to say that women tend to be victims of gender discrimination more than their male counterparts, men also experience their fair share of workplace gender discrimination and harassment.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the federal law that protects workers from sex discrimination in all areas of employment. New York City and New York State Human Rights Laws also protect workers from discrimination and harassment based on gender and gender identity. No employment decision such as hiring, firing or promoting can be based on sex or gender identity.

There are deeply rooted stereotypes and societal “norms” that make many people think that sex discrimination against men just can’t happen. New York City discrimination attorneys at Leeds Brown know this is not the case. Sexism against men happens frequently and while it does not always rise to the level of unlawful discrimination or harassment when it does – call Leeds Brown.

Our sex discrimination lawyers understand that the workplace is supposed to be free from all discrimination and that every single employee is entitled to work in a fair and safe environment. If your employer has unlawfully discriminated against you, whatever your gender, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages. Contact the New York City gender discrimination lawyers at Leeds Brown and let our team help you determine the best way to proceed.

How Can Men Experience Sex Discrimination in New York City?

Men can face discrimination much in the same way women do. It doesn’t happen as often but is just as unlawful. For example, have you applied for a job at a restaurant but they have a tradition of hiring only female wait staff? Have you been passed over for a promotion in favor of a less qualified female? Has your female or male boss promised you a raise if you go home with him or her? Has someone in your office made repeated unwanted sexual advances?

In all of these situations, the employee is experiencing sexual discrimination. There are several different ways that discrimination can occur against men in the workplace but generally, you will find it fits one of these scenarios:

  • If you are a man passed over for a job because the employer prefers working with women or is “more comfortable around women”, you may have a claim for sex discrimination.
  • If you are told you can have the job if you satisfy a request for a sexual favor, it is sex discrimination.
  • If you are denied benefits which are granted to similarly situated women, you may have a gender discrimination case.
  • If you lose your job although you are as, if not more, qualified than a woman who keeps hers, you may have a claim for gender discrimination.
  • If your boss promises you can keep your job in return for a sexual favor, it is sex harassment.
  • If you are promised a promotion in exchange for a sexual favor or threatened with not being given a promotion if you refuse a sexual advance, you are experiencing sexual harassment.
  • If you are making less money as a woman for performing the same job, you may be experiencing sex discrimination.
  • If you are qualified to receive a promotion but are passed over in favor of a female, it may be sex discrimination.

If you are the victim of persistent ridicule, commentary about your looks, inappropriate jokes, unwanted sexual advances or sexual talk that makes you uncomfortable at work, you may have a sexual harassment claim.

If a supervisor makes any employment related promises or threats in exchange for some kind of sexual favor, he or she may be guilty of sexual discrimination and harassment.

Same Sex Harassment is Unlawful in New York City

When men or women are the victims of sexual discrimination, employers can often be held accountable. Employers are responsible for the conduct of their managers and supervisors. It is important to note that the person who conducts unlawful discrimination or harassment does not have to be of a different gender than the victim. Same sex harassment is quite common in the workplace. Men are often harassed by male supervisors or co-workers. Men may also be guilty of discriminating against members of their own gender.

Contact New York City Gender Discrimination Attorneys to Protect Your Rights

If you are experiencing sexual harassment at work or think you have been the victim of gender discrimination, you have rights. You may want to discuss filing a claim to recover monetary damages from your employer.

The laws about workplace discrimination are complicated and the procedures to follow are strict. New York City sex discrimination attorneys at Leeds Brown know the best way to organize, file, and prove discrimination cases. Whether your goal is to reach a settlement or go to trial, we can help guide you toward the outcome you desire.

Our New York City gender discrimination lawyers have decades of experience successfully handling employment discrimination claims for the men and women of New York. We take a hands-on, team based approach to all matters with a level of dedication and hard work that is unmatched in our field.

Contact Leeds Brown if you think you have been the victim of New York City gender discrimination. See for yourself how a devoted NYC sex discrimination lawyer can help enforce your workplace rights. Call 1-800-585-4658 to speak with an attorney today.