Why Hiring a Long Island Personal Injury Attorney Might be the Right Move

When someone is injured, they typically have one opportunity to make a claim for compensation. The defendant and (usually an) insurance company will fight your personal injury claim, trying to minimize or avoid any payment.  They will have skilled lawyers and knowledgeable attorneys on their side, with the sole focus of minimizing their losses.  Do you think you should take them on alone?

With all personal-injury claims, there are strict time limits in which you must bring a claim. These time limits are known legally as “statute of limitations.” If you fail to bring a claim within the prescribed period of time, you may be barred from bringing a claim forever.  If you engage a lawyer to represent you, make sure your lawyer knows when the accident happened, so they can make sure they file the appropriate paperwork in a timely fashion.

There is a saying amongst lawyers that a lawyer who represents himself (or herself) has a fool for a client. Even lawyers who are well versed in the law and civil procedure know that representing themselves is not prudent. In a personal-injury claim, knowledgeable attorneys understand that they need an advocate who is passionate, but not emotionally attached to the situation.

When you retain the services an experienced lawyer, you not only get the benefit of knowledgeable information and advice, but you get an advocate who is dedicated to representing your case passionately, but with a level head – a voice of reason when emotion clouds your judgment.

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