Personal Injuries in New York Caused by Toys

Although we sometimes hear of food and product recalls in New York, thankfully, there are few children’s toy recalls in a given year. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued only 25 in 2015. However, there are still many toys that enter our country from elsewhere that contain small parts, lead, and chemicals that can be extremely harmful to children.

Most of these objects never make it onto the shelves and into our kids’ hands, but you should be aware of where your gifts and toys come from. In today’s global market, you should also take extra care when making purchases on the internet.

Toy Recalls at CPSC Website – Dangers to Children

You can always check the CPSC website to find out if a product has been recalled. also provides information about recalls related to children.

Parents Should Make Sure Toys are Age Appropriate

The best thing you can do when selecting gifts is to follow the age guidelines on the package. If there is no age recommendation, use common sense. The CSPC suggests that you consider the following:

  • Toys with small parts are not suitable for a child under 3
  • Deflated balloons should be kept away from anyone under 8
  • High-powered magnet sets should not be used by anyone under 14

According to a CPSC report, over 180,000 toy-related emergency room reported injuries occurred in 2014 alone. Non-motorized scooters were found to be the leading cause of injuries. If you choose to purchase a motorized or non-motorized item for someone, make sure you provide them with proper safety equipment like a helmet, and that they follow instructions for the correct use.

The last thing you want is for someone to suffer a person injury with a new toy. Exercising common sense when it comes to safety can go a long way toward ensuring your child’s birthday or holiday season is the best ever. Take time to research toys before you purchase them; make sure they are age-appropriate and used properly. Think not just about how much fun a toy might be, but also whether or not the toy has the potential to hurt someone.

Personal Injuries Caused by Toys in New York

Even if you practice safety, however, accidents can happen. If you or your child suffers an injury, you may have the legal right to recover compensation. It may be that the manufacturer of the item produced a defective product or that the company provided inadequate instructions or safety warnings to consumers. If so, you may have a case under product liability laws.

It is our hope that you and your family stay safe and that you do not need our services, but if you do have an issue, please give the New York Personal Injury Lawyers at Leeds Brown Law a call. We would be happy to explain your rights, and see if we can help you recover the compensation you may deserve.