New York Truck Accident Attorneys Help Victims Recover for Injuries

New York truck accident lawyers understand the physical and emotional trauma that can follow an accident with a large truck or 18 wheeler. Tractor trailers pose a particularly high risk due to their size and weight. Some trucks, when loaded, are in excess of 70,000 lbs. An ordinary passenger car is no match for such a large and heavy vehicle during a truck accident. In fact, of the 50 drivers, unfortunately killed in truck accidents in New York during 2014, 43 of them were driving the non-truck vehicle.

The injuries following a truck accident can be devastating and life-altering. Paralysis, head trauma, and permanent disability often result when you are the victim of a truck accident. Significant financial and emotional repercussions follow. It may take years for you to recover fully or return to your job. What will you do for income after a severe accident with a truck? How will you support your family?

Consider contacting New York truck and tractor trailer accident attorneys at Leeds Brown if you have been in an accident with a tractor trailer or other large vehicle. We have decades of experience representing clients in personal injury cases and understand how to navigate your claim. Whether your goal is to settle with an insurance company or proceed with a trial, the New York accident lawyers at Leeds Brown can help you to reach your desired outcome.

We are available at your convenience-24 hours a day- and will provide you with compassionate and vigorous representation. Call Leeds Brown and find out if you are entitled to recover compensation from the truck driver or any other party who may be responsible for your accident. You may be able to obtain money to cover your medical bills, lost wages and even your pain and suffering.

Truck Accidents Injure Thousands of New Yorkers

In 2014, there were nearly 12,000 accidents in New York that involved large trucks. Another vehicle was also involved in the vast majority of these accidents. These accidents resulted in thousands of injuries. The non-truck drivers and passengers, by far, sustained more injuries than the drivers and passengers in the large trucks.

Driver Error Causes Many New York Truck Accidents

Like ordinary motor vehicle accidents, truck accidents in New York are caused by many factors. Most are caused by a driver who uses bad judgment, acts negligently or even recklessly.
In 2014 in New York, speeding, improperly passing, tailgating, failing to pay attention or improperly changing lanes caused more than half of all truck crashes than any other human factors.

When a truck driver acts negligently or recklessly, the results can be catastrophic. A speeding truck is in danger of rolling over or being unable to stop promptly. Tailgating can result in the same inability to stop smoothly, causing a jackknifed truck or worse. Of course driving while distracted is a national problem and the urge to talk on the phone, text or fiddle with the radio can have dire consequences when it leads to a crash between a truck and a passenger vehicle.

Overloading Causes Truck Accidents in New York

It is not always the driver who is responsible for a truck accident. Often, other parties take part in loading or securing cargo. Overloaded trucks, or trucks not secured properly, have a greater likelihood of causing a rollover accident, especially if the driver is speeding.

Drivers are supposed to stop at weigh stations to prevent overloaded trucks from causing danger to others on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers disregard the rules and drive right by them.

Improper Maintenance Causes Truck Accidents in New York

Tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles require a tremendous amount of maintenance. There are countless rules and regulations that trucking companies must follow when it comes to keeping records and having work done on their trucks. When something goes wrong, such as the brakes failing, the steering column sticking or a tire blowing, it can result in a serious accident.

It may be quite challenging for an injured victim to find out who and what caused the accident in this situation. Was it the maintenance company? Was it the trucking company? Was there a design defect caused by the manufacturer?

An experienced New York truck attorney understands where to look for evidence and can help pinpoint the party or parties responsible for your injuries. We can demand accountability for their negligence.

Contact New York Accident Attorneys to Protect Your Rights After a Trucking Collision

There are many things to think about after you are in an accident. If your injuries are serious, you may miss work and have medical expenses to cover. You may require surgery, physical therapy, and years of medication. You may also experience emotional trauma, stress, and anxiety.

New York personal injury attorneys at Leeds Brown can help you recover compensation for your injuries. We have the experience you need to navigate a complex trucking accident claim. Our attorneys know how to negotiate with large insurance companies and have resources to determine just who is responsible for your accident. Whether you want to seek a settlement or a jury trial, our lawyers have what it takes to obtain the fair compensation you deserve. An award may cover things like doctor’s bills, hospital bills, lost wages, and money for your pain and suffering.

Leeds Brown lawyers have decades of experience handling motor vehicle and tractor trailer accident cases. Our successful track record speaks for itself. We take a hands-on team based approach to all of our cases, and this helps our clients get the results they deserve.

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