New York Motorcycle Accident Attorneys File Claims to Recover Damages

Our motorcycle accident lawyers represent clients in New York who suffer injuries in motorcycle crashes. If you are a motorcycle rider and are in a collision, chances are your injuries are quite serious. There is little to protect drivers of motorcycles from the pavement or the 4,000-80,000 pound vehicles with which they must share the road. It is not hard to imagine what the impact must be like when a motorcycle and another vehicle collide.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2014, there were over 90,000 motorcyclists injured and well over 4,000 killed. During that same year, motorcyclists were almost 30% more likely than occupants of passenger vehicles to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled and almost five times more likely to get hurt. Common injuries from motorcycle accidents include broken bones, road rash, brain damage, paralysis, amputation, burns, cuts, back injury, knee damage and neck injury.

These injuries can result in significant medical expenses, lost wages from the inability to work and serious stress, anxiety, pain and suffering. If you or someone you love is living with injuries from a motorcycle accident, you know that recovery is a long, painful and difficult journey. You deserve to receive compensation for your injuries.

Leeds Brown is a leading motorcycle collision law firm with a staff of attorneys and professionals who care deeply for the victims we represent throughout New York. Our experience covers a wide range of motor vehicle accidents, and we use that experience to secure positive outcomes for our clients. Whether you want to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement with an insurance company or take your case to trial, Leeds Brown is the personal injury law firm to trust with your financial recovery.

Lawyers Understand the Causes of Common Motorcycle Accidents on New York Roadways

In 2013 in New York State there were over 5,000 accidents involving motorcycles. Nearly every one of these crashes resulted in injuries, and over 150 resulted in fatalities. While every accident has its unique set of circumstances, there are several types of motorcycle accidents that re-occur time after time. Having NY personal injury attorneys who understand the patterns common to motorcycle crashes can help when you have to prove the cause of your accident and the extent of your injuries.

Unsafe Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most dangerous situations for motorcycle drivers occurs at intersections when automobiles are making left turns. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2012, 41 percent of the fatal crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, occurred while the other vehicle was turning left while the motorcyclist was,

  • going straight through an intersection
  • passing the vehicle
  • trying to overtake the vehicle

Left turn accidents are not unique to motorcycles, but because they are smaller than motor vehicles, they tend to be less visible to drivers of cars. Automobile drivers don’t always look carefully and are sometimes surprised to find a motorcycle nearby – sometimes it is too late. Even a motorcyclist following all traffic rules will be gravely injured when a car turning left drives into him or her.

Depending on the particulars, there is a high likelihood that the car making the left turn will be responsible for the accident. The driver’s insurance company may still dispute your claims and try to prove that you are the one at fault. Big insurance companies often do everything they can to deny claims or settle for far less than victims truly deserve.

Seeking help from experienced attorneys can help you secure a personal injury settlement that fairly reflects the true value of your severe injuries, including pain and suffering. Do not be pressured into taking less than the full amount to which you are entitled. Protect your rights by contacting Leeds Brown.

Head-On Motorcycle Crashes

More than half of motorcycle crash fatalities occur in accidents between a motorcycle and another type of vehicle. Over 75% of the time, the collision is head-on – the front of the car strikes the front of the motorcycle. (Contrary to popular belief, very few accidents between cars and motorcycles are rear-end crashes.)

Even with a helmet, a motorcycle driver stands little chance of avoiding serious harm in a head-on collision with a car or truck. If he or she survives, the injuries and suffering are terrible. If you lost a loved one in a head-on motorcycle collision or were seriously injured, make sure you have people on your side who can build a successful case and fight for your right to recover monetary compensation.

Fixed Object Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycles that crash into fixed objects such as guardrails, trees, and parked cars result in 25 percent of motorcyclist fatalities and many motorcyclist injuries. But collisions with fixed objects are not always the fault of the driver. Did the steering fail on the motorcycle? The brakes? Did another vehicle cause the motorcycle to lose control or somehow cause it to crash? How were the road conditions?

All of these questions are important and demand answers after an accident. Proving that someone else is liable in a single vehicle motorcycle crash takes the skill and knowledge of attorneys like the ones at Leeds Brown.

Motorcycle Crashes in NY are Caused by Road Hazards

It is no secret that motorcycles are more dangerous than ordinary vehicles. This danger is a large part of their attractiveness to dedicated riders. But it also means that motorcyclists, more so than car drivers, are susceptible to accidents and injuries that can result from everyday road conditions.

Because motorcycles are small, unstable and offer no protection to drivers, potholes, animals, and debris on the road can easily cause a dangerous situation. Construction zones, uneven or slick pavement, can result in a vehicle skidding or rolling over, and any sudden maneuver on a motorcycle can cause a driver to fall or get thrown from the bike. When this occurs, there may be a negligent construction company that failed to warn drivers of debris or another entity responsible for the dangerous conditions.

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