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Motorcyclists agree that riding a motorcycle is exhilarating.  Despite the thrill of the ride, motorcyclists are particularly at risk of serious injury or death, regardless of how safely they ride.

A wide range of factors contribute to motorcycle accidents. Statistics show the leading causes of motorcycle accidents are the failure of other motorists traveling at night or in heavy traffic.  They fail to see or perceive the riders, and cause serious injuries.  Additionally, a wide range of factors including: dangerous road conditions; badly cracked or uneven pavement; potholes; debris in the roadway; excessive speed; equipment malfunction and drunk drivers can all lead to serious injury to motorcyclists.

Whether a negligent driver of a car, truck or other motor vehicle causes serious injury or death or from a defect in your motorcycle or the highway, it is prudent to seek assistance to help protect your legal rights.  Injuries can be expensive and costly.  Riders can lose months or years of work, if they are able to work again at all.  Unless you carefully protect your rights, you may be left financially destitute (broke) after an accident.

At Leeds Brown Law, our motorcycle accident attorneys will help you understand applicable laws, guide you through the insurance claim process, and explain the legal remedies available to you.  Skilled in the investigation of motorcycle accidents and the identification of liable parties, the New York personal injury attorneys at Leeds Brown Law stand ready to protect your legal rights.

Why Do I Need a Trial Lawyer to Settle My Case?

Insurance companies greatly prefer claimants who are not represented by an attorney.  Studies have shown that, in most cases, the person settling would receive a much larger award – even after paying attorneys fees.  However, even more intimidating than an attorney is a personal injury lawyer who will take a case to trial.

Not all attorneys litigate cases.  When presented with a personal injury attorney who does try cases in court before a jury, the insurance company is at even greater risk.  This can often lead to higher settlements, knowing that an experienced trial attorney can put far greater exposure (risk of loss) on the insurance company.

While many settlements are reached outside the courtroom, when needed you can count on the expertise of our trial lawyers to present your case to a jury to secure the maximum recovery allowable.  This can include compensation for lost wages, medical bills and long-term care. Our personal injury attorneys have a noteworthy record of successful verdicts and settlements for motorcycle accident victims in New York.

Should I Settle on My Own? What Damages Can I Collect?

Don’t try to settle your case on your own. Every year, insurance companies save millions through auto-accident victims who negotiate and settle without an attorney. Adjusters ignore these uninsured victims or make very small nuisance settlement offers. Victims who choose to go it alone often pay a steep price in uncompensated expenses for an accident that wasn’t their fault. Contact an auto accident attorney at our New York City office — serving victims in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens and statewide—to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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