Distracted Drivers Cause Accidents in New York

Distracted driving car accidents are increasing in New York. Driving in the State of New York, especially in New York City, can be a challenge. In a state known for having standstill traffic jams, you may be surprised by how many serious accidents occur on our roads each year. According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Summary of Motor Vehicle Crashes report, in 2014 alone there were nearly 300,000 crashes. These automobile crashes caused over 1,000 fatalities and almost 120,000 injuries. Over 66,000 of those accidents and nearly 240 fatalities occurred in New York City. If you have suffered injuries because of a car accident in New York, you may want to consult with our New York City personal injury attorneys to find out what rights you have to compensation. The experienced trial attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. may be able to help you pursue a claim to recover damages for your injuries.

What Causes Automobile Accidents in NY?

Throughout New York State, the vast majority of accidents that occur in New York are caused by some human factor. The human factor that most frequently contributes to collisions in New York City and the entire state is driver distraction or inattention. When you think about how fast a car can travel, just a few seconds of distraction can cause a lifetime of trouble for an innocent victim.

The distractions in today’s world are endless. Just think about all of the things on your mind or the tasks you perform while behind the wheel of your car. Common causes of distraction while driving in New York include:

  • Playing with the radio or mp3 player on a cell phone
  • Talking on your phone
  • Texting
  • Using the internet
  • Using a navigation system in your car or on your phone
  • Applying makeup
  • Engaging with children and other passengers in the car

Statistics show that the minimal amount of time a driver takes his or her attention off the road to send a text is 5 seconds. At 55 miles per hour, that is like driving the length of a football field with your eyes closed. During that time, a driver may fail to notice that traffic has stopped in time to apply the brakes and rear-end your car causing injury. A distracted driver can veer into oncoming traffic causing a horrible head on collision. A distracted driver may not notice a stop sign or red light and harm children in a crosswalk or an innocent New York City bicycle rider.

Preventing Distracted Driving Accidents in New York

New York and other states have enacted regulations in an attempt to curb some of the dangers of distracted driving. For example, drivers are prohibited from using handheld electronic devices while driving. They are prohibited from texting, emailing, transmitting or taking pictures and playing games while driving. The state imposes fines and other penalties on drivers who ignore the regulations.

Unfortunately, it is often impossible to catch someone driving while distracted until it is too late.

Contact Our New York Personal Injury Attorneys if You Have Been the Victim of a Car Accident

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