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When someone is seriously injured through the fault of another, that person may be entitled to recover for the financial damages and physical injuries inflicted on them.  These can include automobile accidents, defective products, slip and call cases and more.

The job of a personal injury attorney is to file a claim on your behalf for bodily injury, sickness, disease or death caused by the negligence of another person.  The business or individual who injured you (the defendant), along with their insurance company, are represented by attorneys, seeking to minimize the amount paid on claims.  Attorneys for plaintiffs (the injured parties) represent the interests of those injured, looking to achieve a favorable outcome for their client.

Before filing a personal injury lawsuit, determine which party is at fault

The first step in a personal injury claim is to determine whether the at-fault person is legally responsible for your injuries. Next, you must determine whether money damages would compensate you for your injuries or losses.  If the defendant had a duty to you, breached the duty and caused you damages, you may have a personal injury case. Every state sets a time limit, called a statue of limitations, during which you must file your claim.

Contact our staff at Leeds Brown Law as soon as possible, to determine whether you have a case and have time the right to file a claim.

How do the lawyers Leeds Brown Law determine the damages appropriate in my case?

The amount of a settlement in a personal injury case depends on several factors:

  • The nature and extent of the injury
  • The length of time the injury is expected to last
  • Economic damages, including lost wages, medical bills and rental car expenses
  • General damages, including pain, suffering, humiliation and distress

Should I settle on my own, without an attorney?

We generally advise against trying to settle your case on your own. Every year, insurance companies save millions by paying accident victims less, because they negotiate and settle without an attorney.  Adjusters may offer very small settlement offers. Victims, who do not know the law and the typical settlements and court awards for similar cases, may accept far less than they are entitled to receive.

In New York, contact our auto accident attorneys and general personal injury lawyers.  We serve clients in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island (including personal injury cases in Nassau County and Suffolk County) as well as clients statewide.  Initial consultations with prospective clients are always free. To schedule a case evaluation with an experienced car accident lawyer, contact our New York City or Long Island office.

How is Leeds Brown compensated for my case?

The attorneys at Leeds Brown Law practice on a contingency basis.  We receive a portion of the award or settlement if your case is successful.  If we do not obtain a favorable award or settlement on behalf of our personal injury client, then we do not receive any legal fees in that case.

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