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Have you worked hard to make it to Wall Street only to find yourself being treated as a sexual object? Have you been offered a promotion, raise or other work-related benefit with the suggestion or outright request that you provide sexual favors in return? The lawyers at Leeds Brown Law P.C. can help you protect your rights.

Experienced New York Employment Law Attorneys

At Leeds Brown Law P.C., we have protected the rights of victims of sexual harassment in the workplace for more than 30 years. The key to our success has been a strong commitment to hard work and thorough preparation, combined with a personalized approach to every case. Our attorneys will take the time to learn the specific details of your case, as well as your needs, so that we can tailor our approach to get the outcome you want.

Our Wall Street Sexual Harassment Practice

We offer full-service representation to men and women who have been victims of sexual harassment on the job, handling claims involving:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment — Our lawyers provide aggressive advocacy for individuals who have been offered job-related benefits in exchange for sexual favors, or who have been threatened with job-related punishment/sanctions for refusing to provide sexual favors. We take claims involving all types of promised benefits, such as promotions, raises or other fringe benefits.
  • The existence of a hostile work environment based on sex — We will help you pursue damages or other remedies if you have been forced to work in an environment in which sexual references, jokes, pictures, innuendos, e-mails or other communications or acts are encouraged, allowed, ignored or tolerated.

We handle claims involving same-sex or opposite-sex harassment, as well as situations involving sexual harassment by men or women. If the sexual harassment to which you have been exposed has caused you to quit your job, we will help you seek compensation for constructive wrongful discharge.

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