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Though most companies now have policies in place regarding sexual harassment, and most provide mandatory training to employees regarding actions that constitute sexual harassment, sexual harassment is still pervasive in the workplace. In a recent study, one out of every six workers interviewed said they had been victims of sexual harassment, and only about one-third of them reported the harassment. You don’t have to be a victim of wrongful conduct on the job. The attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, PC can help.

At Leeds Brown Law, PC, we have more than 30 years of experience handling a broad range of employment law matters, including sexual harassment claims. We represent men and women across the state of New York, including in the Bronx. We built our practice on a commitment to hard work and thorough preparation, combined with a dedication to provide the highest levels of personal service and professional integrity. We understand that every case is different and take the time to learn the details of your claim so that we can develop and implement the most effective strategy to get the outcome you want.

Our Sexual Harassment Practice in the Bronx

We handle claims involving all types of sexual harassment, including:

  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment — Translated as “this for that,” quid pro quo sexual harassment involves either promises of job-related benefits in exchange for sexual favors or threats of job-related sanctions for refusal to submit to sexual demands.
  • The creation of a hostile environment — If your employer encourages or condones an atmosphere at work in which sexual references, innuendos, pictures, jokes and other materials are prevalent, or where inappropriate touching is allowed, you have a right to seek damages for sexual harassment.

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