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The Long Island wage and hour attorneys at Leeds Brown know that Long Islanders work hard. You wake up each day (or night), commute to your job – perhaps all the way into New York City, and do your very best. Are you receiving all of the money to which the law entitles you? Do you ever wonder if your employer is calculating your wages properly or if you are entitled to more than your paycheck shows?

Countless laws govern the way an employer must pay workers, and the employer is responsible for making sure to abide by the rules. There are tax withholding regulations, workers compensation insurance rules, and unemployment insurance guidelines that your employer must carefully follow. But, did you know that the regulations that govern these things may vary? Did you know that the amount of the minimum wage varies from state to state, changes often, and can even vary in different locations within a state?

By knowing how the rules apply to you and your particular job, you can protect your rights. Understanding how your employer must calculate things like minimum wage and overtime can go a long way towards ensuring you are collecting all of the compensation to which you are entitled.

Having experienced Long Island wage and hour attorneys to help is essential to this process. The attorneys at Leeds Brown have decades of experience advocating for the rights of workers on Long Island and across the country. We can help you understand the laws and recover your hard earned money. Our compassionate, resourceful, and dedicated attorneys are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist clients with their Long Island employment and wage-related claims.

What is the Minimum Wage?

This question is not always easy to answer because the minimum wage can change depending on the location of your job and the type of work you perform.

Under federal law, the standard minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Therefore, for most jobs across America, $7.25 per hour is the lowest amount you should receive for your work.

Many states have minimum wage laws that require employers to pay more than $7.25 per hour. The federal standard is simply the absolute minimum an employer can pay a worker. If the state has a higher minimum wage, the employer must pay the higher amount.

As of January 2016, the minimum wage in the State of New York, including Long Island, increased to $9.00 per hour. For most jobs, workers should be earning at least this much. The rules for tip-employees are different and a bit more complex.

Long Island Fast Food Workers Earn Higher Wages

Wages for fast food workers has been a much spoken about the topic in recent months. Fast food workers on Long Island and most of New York must now receive a minimum hourly wage of at least $9.75.

Fast food employees who work in New York City earn a little more. They must receive an hourly wage of $10.50. These minimum wage numbers apply to employees of large chains, meaning they have at least thirty locations. For example, Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle, Starbucks and Shake Shack must pay $9.75 per hour to Long Island employees and $10.50 to NYC employees. If you live on Long Island but work in NYC, does your employer know how much to pay you?

Your employer may not be aware of the changes. But you are. Attorneys are filing lawsuits for minimum wage violations, unpaid overtime, and unpaid wages throughout Long Island and New York, on behalf of employees being underpaid or otherwise improperly compensated. You have the legal right to seek payment of money you have rightfully earned.

Minimum Wage Changes

In the state of New York, on Long Island and across America, the minimum wage has long been a controversial subject. Hikes in minimum wage cost employers money and employers don’t always have the resources or desire to pay mandated increases. Some people fear that the cost of increased minimum wages will be passed on to customers and reflected in higher prices.

Lawmakers strongly feel that workers deserve to earn a minimum wage on which they can live. Employers, however, may try to take advantage of unknowing workers and pay them unlawfully low wages. Employees must educate themselves. One way to be sure your employer is treating you fairly and paying you according to the law is to know what the law says. You deserve fair pay for your hard work. Long Island wage-hour attorneys at Leeds Brown can help you receive it.

Long Island Fast Food Workers Receive Minimum Wage Increases

Are you aware that the minimum wage in New York will continue to rise for fast food workers? The numbers above represent phase one of the plan. The minimum wage for New York City fast-food workers will rise in increments to $15.00 per hour by 2018. For fast food workers in the rest of the state, including Long Island, the plan is for the minimum hourly wage to be $15.00 by 2021.

This is the schedule of hourly minimum wage increases:

Long Island and most NY State Fast Food Employees:

  • 12.31.2016 – $10.75
  • 12.31.2017 – $11.75
  • 12.31.2018 – $12.75
  • 12.31.2019 – $13.75
  • 12.31.2020 – $14.50
  • 12.31.2021 – $15.00

New York City Fast Food Employees:

  • 12.31.2016 – $12.00
  • 12.31.2017 – $13.50
  • 12.31.2018 – $15.00

Understand Minimum Wage Changes- Contact Long Island Wage Hour Attorneys at Leeds Brown

As a hard working employee, the greater your knowledge and understanding of minimum wage laws, the better you can protect yourself from an employer who chooses not to abide by them.

If you suspect your employer is not paying you the proper minimum wage, consider seeking help from experienced Long Island wage-hour attorneys. LI, New York wage-hour attorneys at Leeds Brown, have spent decades obtaining positive results for clients and enforcing the rights of Long Island workers. We can help you ensure that you receive the money you have rightfully earned and hold your employer accountable for failing to comply with wage and hour laws.

Contact Long Island wage-hour attorneys at Leeds Brown with questions or concerns you have about minimum wage or any problem you may be experiencing with your employer. Leeds Brown is a full-service employment law firm, and we handle all types of wage-hour, overtime, discrimination, and sexual harassment claims.

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