Long Island Racial Discrimination Attorneys Represent Employee Victims

Racial discrimination attorneys, such as those at Leeds Brown, help clients across Long Island and New York City recognize that employment discrimination is pervasive and unlawful. Sometimes there is an overtly nasty co-worker insulting or threatening someone because of his race. Other times, a manager or supervisor is refusing to promote an individual because of her gender. Harassment in the workplace is also a form of discrimination. Occasionally, even a neutral policy or practice has the effect of creating an unlawful and discriminatory situation.

Proving that racial discrimination is occurring in your place of employment requires sensitivity, skill and knowledge of the procedures and evidentiary requirements involved in such cases. Workplace racial discrimination lawyers at Leeds Brown have the experience and dedication you want advocating for your employment rights. We have spent many years building a full-service employment law firm, providing personal service and representing clients in successful workplace racial discrimination lawsuits on Long Island, throughout New York City and across the nation.

What Laws Prohibit Racial Discrimination in the Long Island Workplace?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination in employment based on race, religion, sex, national origin, and color. It applies to businesses with 15 or more employees.

New York State Human Rights Law also prohibits employment discrimination. This law applies to employers with 4 or more employees. If you are a Long Island employee working for an employer with 4 or more employees, you receive protection from the New York Human Rights Law. If your employer has 15 or more employees, you receive protection from NYHRL and Title VII.

Lawyers Prove Disparate Treatment in the Workplace

Disparate treatment is discrimination that occurs when an employer makes an employment decision based on the race of an individual. A discriminatory decision can be made at any stage of the employment process including:

  • Selecting employees for or granting access to training opportunities
  • Granting promotions
  • Formulating compensation
  • Assigning tasks
  • Assigning sales territory
  • Disciplining
  • Firing
  • Advertising
  • Hiring
  • Recruiting
  • Giving bonuses

Disparate treatment exists in all areas of employment. Racial discrimination might occur when an employer refuses to allow an employee of color meet with a Caucasian customer, promotes an unqualified Caucasian employee over a fully qualified African-American, and places a job advertisement that says “Asians need not apply.”

Racial Discrimination on Long Island Includes Workplace Harassment

Harassing someone because of race is also discrimination if the harassment is pervasive enough to create a hostile work environment. Harassment can include outright racist language or behavior and the use of racial slurs. It can also include persistent race-based “humor” and threats.

Whether or not harassment rises to the level of unlawful workplace discrimination depends on several considerations including:

  • The context of the offensive conduct
  • How much the harassment interferes with the victim’s ability to work, if at all
  • If the conduct is threatening
  • The frequency of the conduct
  • The severity of the conduct

An occasional race-based joke may not create a hostile work environment for an ordinary employee. However, finding racial slurs written on the wall of the bathroom and being told by your co-workers not to come to work anymore because they “don’t like your kind” may be race discrimination. Our lawyers, focused on racial discrimination in the workplace, can help clients across Long Island, in New York City and the surrounding areas, determine if the workplace behavior is unlawful.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyers on Long Island Prove Disparate Impact

Disparate impact racial discrimination occurs when workplace policies and practices appear on their face to be neutral but in practice, they disproportionately impact a particular race.

For example, a business may have a policy requiring all employees to be of a particular height. This policy may disparately impact Asian or Latino men. A business with a policy requiring all employees to be clean shaven may disparately impact African Americans who are more prone to have a skin condition making it painful to shave.

Claims of disparate impact race discrimination in the workplace, just like disparate treatment claims, arise in nearly every area of employment. They most frequently involve policies surrounding:

  • Employment testing
  • Appearance, dress, grooming
  • Education requirements
  • Hiring criteria
  • Promotion criteria
  • Termination/Layoff Criteria
  • Advertising and other recruiting practices

Proving disparate impact involves extensive work and having an experienced Long Island racial discrimination attorney can help. According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), proving disparate impact involves clear identification of the employment policy or practice in question. It also requires the presentation of statistical evidence that the policy creates a significant disparate impact based on race.

Even if a victim can demonstrate the above elements, the employer has an opportunity to argue that the policy or practice is job-related to the position at issue and consistent with business necessity. Often, an employer will cite “customer preference” as a business necessity. However, customer preference for a particular race over another is not an appropriate defense to disparate impact racial discrimination. An employer may not discriminate against an employee because her customers are racists.

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