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Long Island sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown know how difficult it can be when you have to go to work each day into a hostile or discriminatory environment. If you are being harassed at work, have a wage-hour issue or any questions about employment discrimination, consider consulting with the attorneys at our firm. With our vast employment law experience, Leeds Brown can help you navigate your case with skill and compassion.

Are you experiencing sex harassment at your job? Is a co-worker or supervisor scaring you, making you uncomfortable or behaving inappropriately? We understand that it is not easy to step up and seek help when you are facing harassment because of your gender. The emotional trauma you may be feeling is bad enough. You may also have anxiety and stress that accompany the fear of being unemployed. It all makes for a complicated and unpleasant situation.

The firm of Leeds Brown is a full-service employment and sexual harassment law firm representing clients on Long Island and throughout New York City. If you want help with your harassment or discrimination claim, our experienced attorneys can guide you along with care and skill. We have earned an excellent track record of success both litigating sexual harassment claims and negotiating settlements, and can work toward doing the same for you.

Workplace Sex Harassment on Long Island Occurs in Different Ways

Two types of behavior form the foundation for most sexual harassment charges; “quid pro quo” and “hostile work environment” sexual harassment.

The literal definition of quid pro quo is “something for something.” This type of sex harassment takes place when a person with authority such as a supervisor or manager, makes a promise or threat of something employment related in exchange for a sexual favor from a subordinate employee. For instance, a manager telling an employee “I will fire you if you do not have sex with me” or “I will give you a raise if you have sex with me” is engaging in quid pro quo sex harassment.

The demand does not have to be explicitly sexual. It may be overt or implied. For example, a supervisor subtly suggesting that he will promote his assistant if she accompanies him to a romantic dinner may be quid pro quo sex harassment.

Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment on Long Island

Sexual harassment also occurs when harassment is pervasive and makes the victim feel unsafe or uncomfortable at work – it creates a hostile work environment. In a hostile work environment, the victim may not be able to get his or her work done, may be forced to quit or experience serious anxiety and emotional distress.

Many different behaviors can result in sexual harassment and create a hostile work environment. Some of the common ones include:

  • The display or unwanted exposure to sexual or offensive media such as pictures or videos.
  • Persistent unwanted advances
  • Repeated requests for dates after being rejected.
  • Ongoing exposure to sexual innuendo or unwanted flirting
  • Sexual jokes or other inappropriate dialogue.
  • Unwanted hugging or touching
  • Blocking free movement of a person

Sexual Harassment Attorneys on Long Island File Claims for Victims

What circumstances form the basis of a hostile work environment claim? The conduct in question must meet two requirements. For sex harassment to create a hostile work environment, the conduct must be

  1. Unwelcome and
  2. Frequent or Pervasive

Each sexual harassment situation must be evaluated based on its particular circumstances. For example, an employee asking a disinterested co-worker out to a movie may be a simple case of unrequited interest. However, leaving daily love notes, using sexually graphic emails, and requesting hugs before allowing him or her to pass in the hallway, may certainly add up to sexual harassment.

How do you determine if such conduct creates a hostile environment? The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), New York State Division of Human Rightsand the courts consider some of the following:

  • Was the perpetrator of the harassment a co-worker or person in a position of authority?
  • How many people participated in the conduct?
  • Was the harassment directed at one person? Several people? Did it affect many workers?
  • Was the harassment physical, verbal or both?

Who Experiences Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment?

Hostile work environment sexual harassment can occur across any and all levels of employees. There does not have to be a subordinate/supervisor relationship. Hostile work environment does not require that one party is in a position of power over the other.

Most often, the person who files a sexual harassment claim is the one who is the direct target of the unwelcome and inappropriate behavior. However, an individual who is not the direct target can also be the victim of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment of one person can create a hostile work environment for others.

Women are victims of sexual harassment more often than men, but men file claims for sexual harassment as well. There are numerous cases involving the victimization of men in the workplace. Sexual harassment is not limited to members of opposite genders either. Sex harassment can and does occur between members of the same gender.

To hold the employer responsible for hostile work environment sex harassment, the victim must prove two things;

  1. The employer knew about the conduct or should have known about the conduct and
  2. The employer did not take adequate steps to prevent it

Workers of any gender should not feel afraid, uneasy or unsafe at their place of employment. If someone’s behavior is causing you to feel this way, contact LI sex harassment lawyers.

Long Island Employment Law Firm Helps Recover Monetary Damages

If you are currently experiencing a sexually hostile work environment or have been forced to quit your job because of sexual harassment, your employer may owe you monetary damages. Learn more about your legal rights by contacting sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown.

You may be able to collect back pay, a monetary award for emotional distress and reinstatement to your job. You may also be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages punish the employer and dissuade them from engaging in or permitting similar behavior in the future.

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