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Sexual harassment on the job is a far too common occurrence in New York and across the country. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports approximately 15,000 new allegations of sexual harassment every year. More than half the time, the victim takes no legal action. Don’t be another victim. Let the lawyers at Leeds Brown Law P.C. protect your rights.

At Leeds Brown Law P.C., we bring more than 30 years of experience to people who have been victims of employment discrimination, including sexual harassment in the workplace. We protect the rights of people throughout New York and the United States, including the communities in and around Westbury, New York. For more than three decades, we have maintained a strong commitment to hard work and thorough preparation, as well as a dedication to providing the highest levels of personal service and professional integrity.

Our Westbury Sexual Harassment Practice

We take a detail-oriented approach to the representation of victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. We will carefully and respectfully gather all necessary evidence to support your claim, and will make certain you file all appropriate documentation to protect your interests, including paperwork with the EEOC.

We handle all types of claims involving allegations of sexual harassment, including:

  • The creation or existence of a hostile work environment based on sex — This includes situations in which actions based on sex or references to sex become so pervasive in the workplace that they affect your performance or create an offensive environment. This can include the posting of pictures with sexual connotations, sexual jokes, e-mails with sexual content, unwanted touching or other sexual acts.
  • Quid pro quo sexual harassment — This involves a promise of a job-related benefit in exchange for sexual favors, or a threat of work-related punishment for failure to submit to sexual requests.

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