Jennifer Lopez Granted Temporary Restraining Order Barring Ojani Noa from Selling Sexy Home Videos

Jennifer Lopez has filed a $10 million lawsuit against her ex-husband Ojani Noa claiming Noa is violating a confidentiality agreement and the couple’s divorce agreement which included a non-disparagement clause.  Noa has 11 hours of video tape footage of Lopez during their honeymoon.  Lopez claims that Noa plans to produce and market the movie “How I married Jennifer Lopez: the J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story,” allegedly based in part on the home videos.  Noa claims the videos from their 11-month marriage including intimate moments shot on their 1997 honeymoon were used only for inspiration.  A judge granted Lopez a temporary restraining order barring Noa from peddling any of the sexy home videos.  Full story:  NY Daily News.

A marital settlement agreement is a document that lists the terms of a divorce. It is usually incorporated into the court’s formal order or decree terminating the divorce. Therefore, a marital settlement agreement carries the weight of a court order and can be enforced by an action for contempt of court.  Often included in a marital settlement agreement is a non-disparagement clause. This is a provision that requires the parties to the agreement not to make negative statements about the other.  A non-disparagement clause is usually drafted into a marital settlement agreement to prevent any ill words being spoken by either party.  This is particularly important when one party is a public figure.  It is also important where parties run in the same social circle, especially if they remain in the same town with minor children.  Not all divorces are amicable, but at least with the help of an experienced divorce attorney, negative comments made by an ex-spouse can be silenced.

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