A holiday party hosted by your employer is supposed to be a time when you can reflect on the year and enjoy time with your co-workers. These parties sometimes involve alcohol, which can make those who attend say things that they might not mean at the time. Even if there isn’t alcohol served, some employers might think that it’s alright to make sexual comments toward females or males who are at the party. Employers need to remember that a holiday party is still considered as a part of the workplace, which means that the same regulations apply to what is prohibited at the party as what is prohibited while everyone is working. If you feel that you have been on the receiving end of sexual comments while attending a holiday party, then contact an attorney who can give you information about the options that you have for filing a claim against your employer or the business.

An important detail to remember about working in the state is that any kind of sexual harassment is not encouraged and prohibited. Unfortunately, these incidents still happen, especially during events that take place outside of office hours, such as a holiday party. Although most laws don’t prohibit simple comments that are made, it does prohibit comments that are sexual in nature that are considered significant in their content or that occur over an extended length of time. an example would be your employer telling a few jokes that are not appropriate while at a party while still being professional when you’re around the person during work hours. A claim of sexual harassment likely wouldn’t be filed.

The comments that are made at the holiday must be so offensive in nature that they create a hostile work environment or cause some kind of change that occurs while you’re working. The change could be your termination from the job because of your response to the comments, a decrease in your pay, or even being given a different task to do while at work that is beneath what you have been doing. Even if a supervisor is the one who makes sexual comments at a holiday party, the employer can be held responsible for the actions of the supervisor.

There are times that employers wait to make any kind of decision about the incident. However, you should report any sexual comments made while at a holiday party as soon as they occur. You also need to maintain any written comments that are made so that you can give them to the attorney. This information can show that the comments have taken place over an extended length of time or have occurred even after the holiday party.

At times, an employer might try to make other excuses as to why you are fired or demoted. The real reason behind changes that are made in the workplace is often ignored if the employer knows that sexual comments have been made but simply doesn’t want to handle the situation. These are reasons as to why you need to consult with an attorney who has experience in handling sexual comments made at holiday parties and in the workplace. A seasoned attorney can help you file the appropriate claims against the employer while making sure you are protected by the laws that are set forth in the state against discrimination and sexual comments. You usually have about three years after a party or after an incident occurs to file a claim or to file charges with your local police department, which is why it needs to be done as soon as possible after the incident occurs.

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