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If you’ve been sexually harassed on the job, our sexual harassment attorneys may be able to help. What are you likely to do when lewd jokes or sexual suggestions are made towards you? Did a co-worker become upset with you when you declined his or her sexual advances? Are you comfortable bringing a complaint regarding these things to H.R.? Are you ready to speak with a sexual harassment lawyer?

Despite millions speaking out against sexual harassment, it carries on in nearly every workplace. Sexual harassment isn’t limited to one sex either. Some pin the blame on themselves, wanting to know exactly how this could happen and wanting to know whether it is just happening to them. You’re not to blame and you are not alone. The individuals who commit sexual harassment and condone it are at fault.

The time is now to protect your legal rights and take action. The sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. are here to help you move forward and pursue justice.

Have you ever been sexually harassed at work? If so, speak to the attorneys at Leeds Brown Law. Using experienced sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help you protect your rights; even rights you might not know that you have. Your seasoned sexual harassment lawyers can help negotiate on your behalf and push your claim toward the outcome you seek. If you have been harassed, you are dealing with a traumatic situation. Our sexual harassment lawyers don’t accept bad behavior at work. Call us right now.

Our Sexual Harassment Attorneys Can Respond to All Your Questions

Using our experience, our sexual harassment attorneys can help you unravel the critical issues you are dealing with and organize your thoughts.

You likely have many questions: Could it be my fault? Am I becoming too hypersensitive? So, how exactly does the law define sexual harassment? I need the harassment to end. Just how do I make it stop? I truly need to keep my job. If my boss retaliates towards me, what legal rights have I got?

Leeds Brown has legal representatives who submit lawsuits for valued clients all over the New York metro area. Sexual harassment claims require specific experience, and our lawyers can help you with your claim. Our clients look to us to advocate for them, preserving their rights and helping them to recover financial damages.

Our Professional Sexual Harassment Attorneys Understand the Laws, Regulations and Procedures

If you find yourself sexually harassed, you have legal rights under federal, city, and state laws. There are numerous legal approaches that might lead to an award if you have been sexually harassed. For example, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects against sexual harassment as a kind of sexual discrimination. New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) and New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL) also prohibit sexual harassment and discrimination and protect the rights of victims. Do one or all of these apply to you? Based upon your circumstances, which offers you the best chance to succeed? Does it really make a difference which laws we bring your claim under? Professional sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help you make this determination.

Based on your claim, you may need to bring administrative claims prior to the court action. Do you file with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the New York State Division of Human Rights? What about the New York City Commission on Human Rights. All of these agencies enforce employment discrimination laws. Nevertheless, there are critical distinctions between them. Our knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys are aware of the laws and procedures and assist you to file your claim promptly with the proper body. If you don’t commence your claim in the proper venue, you may not get the damages you want.

Responding to Assertions of Sexual Harassment in The Workplace in the New York Metro Area

Our lawyers take sexual harassment on the job very seriously. What can we do for you? First, our knowledgeable attorneys will help you formulate a plan. You might speak with the company to lodge a complaint about the situation, after talking over your options with us. Your company might have documented policies and procedures set up which require you to file a report concerning sexual harassment. You may limit your legal rights if you do not follow the procedures and policies of your company. Ensure that once you submit a grievance, you document and make duplicates of your records as well as any answers that come from your company. In any case, documentation is extremely important. Don’t worry, our sexual harassment lawyers stay engaged throughout your claim. If your claim just isn’t being addressed properly, we are able to respond appropriately.

Employers should investigate assertions of sexual harassment. But, some managers cover up the malfeasance and retaliate against the worker. Quite often, your most powerful strategy might be to focus on retaliation by the company. Have you been demoted, fired or transferred? Did your boss or coworkers engage in verbal or physical mistreatment? Did your employer make you quit after making a report for harassment? Some of the most successful lawsuits involve retaliation by the supervisor or management. Not all retaliation is obvious, however, and our sexual harassment lawyers can help identify the retaliation when it occurs. We can counsel you on keeping records of important events, conversations, and actions involving your supervisors and co-workers to help build your claim.

If You Have Been Sexually Harassed in New York, What are Your Remedies?

Lawyers at Leeds Brown may also help you comprehend what solutions are accessible to you. City, state and federal laws present distinctive outcomes for targets of sexual harassment. Federal, state and city laws affect your ability to recover. Because the laws are unique, understanding which is best to use will determine the approach. Back pay, lost pay, and remuneration for emotional distress may be offered as well as lawyers’ fees and punitive damage awards.

Substantial damages may be obtainable for people that were sexually harassed at work. Call our offices today. Speak with our sexual harassment lawyers who can examine the specifics of your case.

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If you are the unwilling victim of sexual harassment, it could be incredibly painful. We very often see worry and/or depression in people suffering from sexual harassment. The amount of pressure may be even greater when combined with the demands of the workplace. Sexual harassment and concern over retaliation frequently go hand in hand. How can you safeguard your legal rights? You don’t have to withstand this stress alone.

By speaking with sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown, you will receive hands-on, knowledgeable representation from professionals that genuinely care. Our lawyers are extremely dedicated to their work. We provide a free consultation, with no risk or obligation.

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