Are You Being Sexually Harassed in New York City in the Workplace?

Employees are protected from sexual harassment in the workplace in New York by a variety of laws. There are federal laws, New York State laws and even New York City regulations that prohibit certain behavior at the office. It can be difficult to navigate the many rules and regulations that define and govern sexual harassment.

What Behavior Constitutes Sexual Harassment in New York?

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, it is unlawful to harass a job applicant or employee because of that person’s sex. Sexual harassment in the workplace includes unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment also includes making offensive comments about a person’s gender.

Are teasing and jokes prohibited? The occasional derogatory remark or isolated minor incident may not give rise to a claim of harassment. However, teasing or joking may become illegal when it is so frequent and pervasive that it creates a hostile work environment or results in an adverse employment decision for the victim.

“Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment” and “Hostile Work Environment” are Different Claims

Quid pro quo sexual harassment takes place when an employment benefit provided by a supervisor is made conditional upon the subordinate providing sexual favors. The threat of negative consequences for not providing sexual favors can also constitute quid pro quo harassment. For example, when someone is fired for refusing to engage in sexual behavior with a supervisor, it is a case of quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Alternatively, hostile work environment harassment exists when there is so much teasing, joking or other offensive behavior that it makes it impossible for a person to feel comfortable at work. In this situation, the harassment is so pervasive that it interferes with the victim’s job or makes him or her feel intimidated or fearful.

How Do You Know if You Are Experiencing Sexual Harassment?

There are endless examples of what workplace sexual harassment in New York City may look like. Have you ever found yourself in any of the following situations?

  • You have been passed over for a promotion because you refused to join your boss for a private dinner despite repeated “invitations”?
  • Your supervisor didn’t let you work on a special project because you did not submit to his sexual advances.
  • You have been threatened with termination if you do not submit to sexual requests.
  • You have received a negative review from your supervisor because you have not responded kindly to her sexual innuendos.
  • You have been promised a raise, time off, partnership or an advancement opportunity in exchange for a sexual favor.
  • Your male co-workers have greeted you every morning at your desk with a graphic sexual joke that always makes you uncomfortable.
  • You have repeatedly received unwanted sexually explicit emails from your supervisor or co-workers.
  • You have been inappropriately touched, hugged and kissed by people in your office.
  • You have frequently been asked to divulge information about your sex life despite your repeated refusal to engage in such conversations.

If you have experienced anything resembling the above situations, you may have a claim for a sexual harassment lawsuit in New York City or throughout New York State. You may be entitled to recover damages even if you consented to or participated in certain behavior. Sexual harassment can take on many different forms and experts can evaluate whether or not you have a claim against your employer, supervisor or other harasser. The New York sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. will gladly provide a free case review and help determine the best course of action for you to take in order to get the outcome you want.

Call Us to File a Claim of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Remember, sexual harassment is illegal. You have rights. Find out what they are and let the experienced New York City sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown help protect them.

Did you lose money because you were denied a promotion? Did you have to quit your job because the harassment was so bad? Did the stress of your hostile work environment take a toll on your emotional well-being? If so, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages. Leeds Brown Law can help you build and present a solid sexual harassment case and secure a favorable outcome.