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When sexual harassment happens in the workplace, you should have a consultation with our Long Island sexual harassment lawyers. You should never have to endure lewd and offensive conduct from your boss or coworker. Have the sexual advances of another made you feel threatened in the workplace? Are you comfortable reporting about these matters to your boss? Did co-workers pressure you or discourage you from complaining about sexual harassment? Would you like to talk to one of our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys to examine your case?

Sexual harassment continues to occur all too frequently. The New York Sexual Harassment Lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, PC are ready to help victims.

The public has said sexual harassment is not acceptable, yet it persists. Unfortunately, recent stories of sexual harassment against women are showing just how frequently it really occurs. Some people erroneously think they are alone. Every single day, workers on Long Island face sexual harassment. The only individuals who ought to feel ashamed are the ones carrying out sexual harassment. You, the victim, aren’t to blame. It is the people in the workplace who commit or excuse sexual harassment who are at fault. Now is the time to protect your legal rights. You should take action. We are here to assist you.

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If you are dealing with sexual harassment at work, have a conversation with our employment discrimination and sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, representing clients across Long Island.

Instead of going at it alone, skilled sexual harassment lawyers can advise you on how to proceed. Your employer has lawyers. You will need a strong team of lawyers working for you. Is your employer or coworker suppressing your employment rights? Our sexual harassment lawyers do not tolerate bad behavior at the workplace. Sexual harassment is stressful and emotional; our experienced sexual harassment attorneys will deal with the practical matter of bringing a case against your employer while you take of yourself and heal Contact us right now for a free and confidential consultation.

Concerns About Sexual Harassment? We Can Help

When you are on the receiving end of lewd and offensive behavior on the job, you are likely to have numerous questions regarding your legal rights. Having assisted many, many individuals who faced sexual harassment, our experienced Long Island Sexual Harassment Attorneys are able to work out a strategy for you to understand and pursue productive claims.

Targets of sexual harassment have many questions to be addressed: Am I reading the situation wrong? Is this even illegal? Exactly what is sexual harassment? How should I respond to the individual harassing me? How do I report this to my supervisor? Who do I have to have a discussion with to be able to file a complaint concerning this? If I want to defend myself, what should I do next? What if I am disciplined or encounter retaliation?

Our lawyers stand ready to help clients in the New York City metropolitan area, including those on Long Island. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge taking on sexual harassment lawsuits and can advise and guide you through your claim. When you bring your claim, you need to realize you have rights and choices. We’re here to advocate for you.

The Laws and Procedures Related to Sexual Harassment Claims in New York are Complex. You Need An Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorney On Your Side

The laws and regulations associated with sexual harassment are complicated. If you can, you may be able to utilize both federal, state and city laws to defend your legal rights. Sexual harassment is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, interpreting sexual harassment as a form of sexual discrimination. Sexual harassment is also illegal in New York under the New York State Human Rights Law (NYSHRL). Employees in New York City may also receive protection from the New York City Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Do any or all of these apply to you? We have to decide which laws will benefit you the most in your circumstance. Can the end result be different based on which laws are applied? There isn’t any single answer. Our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys will thoroughly assess your claim, producing a recommendation to advance your best interests.

You cannot always file a civil action right away. Oftentimes, you should file an administrative claim first. Do you have to file with the New York State Division of Human Rights or the New York City Commission on Human Rights? These agencies, along with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, enforce employment discrimination laws. There are significant differences between them all. All claims are unique; you will need to commence your claim using the laws that may provide the greatest chance for success. If you don’t start your claim in the right forum, you may not get the damages you’re entitled to.

Sexual Harassment on Long Island Needs to be Investigated and Reported

If you’ve been sexually harassed at work on Long Island, our sexual harassment attorneys are here to help.

Before you take any action, our skilled sexual harassment lawyers will help you construct a strategy on how to move ahead. You may have to lodge a complaint concerning the issue with your employer. Your company may have policies requiring you to do so in a very precise way. To strengthen your claim, you may need to follow the employer’s policies and procedures. Be sure to document and keep copies of information supporting your claim as well as your employer’s response to your allegations of sexual harassment. Our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys work together with you through the entire course of action. If the company is stalling, we are able to react appropriately.

In the event you inform your employer of the harassment, someone should take measures to investigate it. In some cases, however, the employer won’t investigate and may even retaliate against the sexually harassed employee. You may have been fired, demoted, or transferred. You may have been physically or verbally abused. Did your employer force you to quit after filing a complaint about harassment? Retaliation may be your strongest assertion. The signs might not always be as obvious as dismissal from your job and our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys can help identify retaliation even when it is subtle.

After Being Sexually Harassed in the Workplace on Long Island, What are Your Remedies?

Federal, state, and city laws provide different remedies for claims of sexual harassment. Your ability to win and the strategy of your case may also be driven by the laws and regulations applied. Lost pay, punitive damages, compensation for emotional distress and attorneys’ fees may be recoverable under the various laws.

If you were sexually harassed in the workplace, you might be entitled to significant compensation. Have questions? Call our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys. We will discuss the specifics of your claim during a free and confidential consultation.

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It can be incredibly difficult to handle the consequences of sexual harassment. Depression or fear often materialize after sexual harassment. The pressure and strain might be even greater because of the need to keep your job. You may be frightened to speak up because of concerns of retaliation. What actions can you take to protect yourself? It is not necessary to go through this on your own. Let us help you.

By speaking to the sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown, you will receive hands-on, experienced representation from legal professionals that truly care and devote their practice to protecting the legal rights of sexual harassment victims. Our Firm’s commitment to our clients is unparalleled. Contact our employment lawyers on Long Island now for a free and confidential assessment of your sexual harassment claim.

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