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There isn’t any justification for sexual harassment. Our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys can fight for you. What are you likely to do if lewd sexual suggestions are made towards you? Has your boss become angry after you turned down his sexual demands? Is the boss sensitive to grievances regarding sexual harassment? Are you ready to sit down with a sexual harassment attorney? Should you have a discussion with one of our lawyers?

Every single day, we read another news story about sexual harassment.

Everyone agrees that sexual harassment is not acceptable. Nevertheless, it persists. Throughout Long Island, sexual harassment at work is widespread.  Whether you are a man or a woman, you can be the victim of sexual harassment. As a victim, you are not to blame for sexual harassment. People who commit sexual harassment are at fault.

Nonetheless, you have to take action. You should protect your legal rights. The sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law are here to help.  Your manager has attorneys. You’ll need a strong legal team in your corner as well. Your lawyer can alleviate a great deal of the tension and fear that discrimination in the workplace can cause.  Our attorneys are both experienced and thoughtful. Give them a call today.

Find the Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

People who are being sexually harassed have a lot of questions. The Long Island sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown can respond to your questions and help you identify relevant issues.

With so many concerns circulating, targets of sexual harassment often ask:

  • Is what they’re doing really unlawful?
  • Is it merely offensive?
  • What exactly is sexual harassment?
  • I have said no, and the individual won’t listen.
  • How can I manage this?
  • Should I file a complaint about it? Who do I meet with?
  • I feel that I need protection, and do not fully understand what to do.
  • What if I am reprimanded or suffer retaliation?

With lawyers representing people on Long Island and in the New York metro area, we can supply you with guidance and support specific to your sexual harassment lawsuit. You need to fully grasp your rights and options, and our sexual harassment lawyers can explain what they are.

Our Knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Attorneys Understand the Laws, Regulations, and Procedures of Your Claim

If you are sexually harassed, you have rights under both federal and state laws. Are you aware that there are numerous laws that make sexual harassment at work unlawful?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, by way of example, protects against sexual harassment. It is considered and interpreted to be part of sexual discrimination. New York Law, primarily the New York State Human Rights Law(NYSHRL), does the same.  Based on what is happening to you, which laws apply to your situation? Which law affords the best opportunity for success with your set of facts? Do your circumstances justify the usage of one law over another? Both?

Having a solid team of attorneys helping you make this determination can be important to the success of your case.

For example, in a few instances, you need to file a claim with an administrative agency before filing a civil action, either the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or The New York State Division of Human Rights. Both agencies enforce employment discrimination laws. Though they exist to address the same needs, there are relevant differences between the two agencies. Our experienced sexual harassment lawyers understand the laws and procedures of both and work with you to file your claim promptly with the appropriate agency. In order to prevail and maximize your damages, you should bring a claim under the right laws and in the right forum.

Investigating and Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace on Long Island

For people struggling with sexual harassment and workplace discrimination on Long Island, you will discover benefits to using our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys.

As the initial step, our firm’s sexual harassment attorneys will assist you to construct a plan. After meeting with your lawyer, you may choose to speak to the company to file a complaint regarding the issue. Your company might have documented procedures and policies in place which require you to file a report regarding sexual harassment. To file a claim for sexual harassment, you may need to comply with their documented procedures and policies.

Be sure that as soon as you register a grievance, you document and maintain copies of all answers from your employer. The evidence is extremely important to any kind of case, including sexual harassment claims.  At Leeds Brown Law, our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys can keep track of this and help make sure there is a fair examination. Our lawyers are on your side, and if the case is not going forward, we can act accordingly as your representative.

In the event you inform your manager of the harassment, somebody should take action to investigate it.  Some supervisors go as far as to punish the employee for filing a complaint regarding the sexual harassment. Some employers may have transferred, fired or demoted a worker who files a report regarding sexual harassment. Did you face physical or verbal mistreatment after filing your report? Because of filing a complaint about sexual harassment, have you been compelled to resign from your job?

Employer retaliation can be the basis for a powerful claim, on top of the claim of sexual harassment. The signs of retaliation may not always be in plain sight and our Long Island sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help identify them. We can help you establish retaliation and document relevant evidence.

What Are Your Remedies After Being Sexually Harassed On Long Island?

Lawyers at Leeds Brown can also help explain what solutions are available to you. You can be entitled to different outcomes under federal and state laws.  Your claim will have a strategy influenced by which laws are applied.

Under the laws, significant damages may be obtainable for those sexually harassed on the job. If you have been sexually harassed, call us today. Our Long Island sexual harassment attorneys can discuss your claim with you.

Reach Out and Call Our Long Island Sexual Harassment Attorneys Now

The consequences of sexual harassment at work can be extremely difficult to handle. The mistreatment, whether verbal or physical, can lead to anxiety and depression. The amount of pressure can be even greater with the demands of the workplace environment. Retaliation is a concern for individuals that file complaints concerning sexual harassment.  You should not face this by yourself. Help is available.

Leeds Brown’s knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys can answer your questions. Our attorneys are very dedicated to their work. Contact us today for a free claim review. You might have a valid case against your company. Let’s discuss your situation.

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