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Why You Need a Bronx Sexual Harassment Attorney

In the Bronx, sexual harassment attorneys help you if sexual harassment takes place on the job. Have any of the following questions entered your mind?

  • What should you do when you are at work, and somebody makes offensive suggestions to you?
  • Have you been sexually pressured at work by someone that does not understand the word no?
  • Does your supervisor deliver threats against you for lodging a complaint concerning the harassment?

Do you need to talk to one of our Bronx sexual harassment lawyers to analyze your case? It may be time.

With a lot of attention lately on ending what seems to be rampant sexual harassment, why does it persist in most workplaces? Both women and men are victims of sexual harassment. Some people may think this is happening only to them, and that there could be something wrong with them. This couldn’t be more incorrect.

Employees in the Bronx encounter workplace sexual harassment daily. If it is happening to you, you ought to take the first step to make your employer or co-workers end their unlawful behavior. It is time to move forward and begin to enforce your legal rights. The sexual harassment lawyers at Leeds Brown Law, P.C. are here to help you along in this process.

Consult with experienced employment discrimination attorneys such as the ones at Leeds Brown Law if you find yourself struggling with sexual harassment in the workplace. You need to have lawyers available to assist you with the legal issues you face. Your knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys can certainly help bargain and push your lawsuit toward the resolution you want. Is someone violating your employment rights? Contact us to discuss your rights and what to do next.

There Are Answers for All Your Questions About Sexual Harassment

If you are on the receiving end of offensive jokes or sexually charged innuendo at work, you are likely to have numerous concerns. The Bronx sexual harassment attorneys at Leeds Brown Law can address them and help you recognize and focus on the important issues.

When you think about the sexual harassment that has occurred, you might ask: Could it be something that I’m overreacting to? Maybe it’s my fault? Is this sexual harassment? I want the individual to stop harassing me, but I do not know how to handle the problem. Should I take action and file a report about the harassment? Who do I meet with? If my supervisor retaliates towards me, what legal rights have I got?

Our attorneys assist people like you in the Bronx and various other parts of New York. Sexual harassment lawsuits call for particular knowledge, and our attorneys can certainly help you with your claim. It is important you recognize your rights. We can help explain them to you.

Starting a New York Sexual Harassment Claim is Complicated

The laws and regulations related to sexual harassment are complicated. When you are sexually harassed on the job, your boss can be breaking both federal, state and city laws. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, sexual discrimination is illegal. This has already been interpreted by the courts to incorporate sexual harassment. New York Human Rights Law (NYSHRL) and New York City Human Rights Law similarly forbid sexual harassment and discrimination.

Based upon what is happening, which laws apply to your circumstance? Different laws offer different relief to situations. When applying the laws to your situation, what can work most effectively for you? Knowledgeable Bronx sexual harassment attorneys can help you make this determination.

There are occasions that, before beginning a civil claim for sexual harassment in the workplace you need to submit an administrative charge to the appropriate agency. Do you file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the New York State Division of Human Rights and/or the New York City Commission on Human Rights? These agencies are all interested in safeguarding the legal rights of job holders. Nonetheless, you will find vital distinctions between them. Our sexual harassment attorneys understand the laws and procedures and assist you to file your claim promptly with the appropriate agency. Bringing the incorrect claim, deciding on the wrong laws or not meeting deadlines can keep you from recouping damages.

Sexual Harassment in the Bronx Must be Investigated Once Reported

If you’ve been the subject of sexual harassment and employment discrimination in the Bronx, there are several advantages to having our sexual harassment attorneys in your corner.

At the start, you have to formulate an approach, and our sexual harassment attorneys can certainly help with this. Your company may have written policies and procedures in place that require you to lodge a complaint with them about sexual harassment. You might place your rights in jeopardy if you do not keep in line with the policies of your employer.

You will need to document and keep duplicates of all responses by your employer after you submit your claim. The proof is essential to any claim, which includes sexual harassment lawsuits. Our Bronx sexual harassment lawyers work with you through the entire course of action. If the matter is not continuing to trudge forward, our attorneys will act as your representatives and move things along.

When a worker informs the employer of sexual harassment, someone should examine the allegations. Oftentimes, instead of doing a detailed investigation, supervisors retaliate against the staff member. Retaliation by your company can function as a basis for your loss. Have you been demoted, fired or transferred? Did the person committing the harassment then engage in verbal or physical abuse? Did your boss demand you resign after filing a complaint about harassment? Retaliation by your employer may be your strongest claim, but not all retaliation is obvious. Our Bronx sexual harassment lawyers can certainly help identify and document the retaliation.

After Being Sexually Harassed at Work in the Bronx, What Are Your Remedies?

Based on your claim and on the laws employed, different outcomes may be available. The city, state and federal laws and regulations are distinctive and provide for unique outcomes. Your capability to win is affected by both federal, state and city laws and understanding which to use will determine a strategy. Depending on which law we use to bring your case, you may be in a position to recover compensatory damage awards for emotional distress, lost pay and/or punitive damages, together with lawyers’ fees.

Substantial damages can be obtainable for people who have been sexually harassed on the job. Call our attorneys today if you’ve been sexually harassed. Review your case with one of our Bronx sexual harassment lawyers.

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It can be incredibly painful to deal with the emotional impact of sexual harassment. Depression or fear often occur after sexual harassment. The additional stress of your job may make things much worse. Retaliation is a real concern for those who file a complaint about sexual harassment. You don’t have to go through this alone.

Leeds Brown’s knowledgeable sexual harassment attorneys can address your concerns and provide you with support. Our New York attorneys proudly serve our valued clients’ needs. If you would like a free case assessment, call our offices today. Talk to us to determine if you have a claim against your company.

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