Charlie Sheen Hospitalized After Incident at Plaza Hotel

Charlie Sheen was hospitalized after police found him highly intoxicated in a trashed hotel room at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.  Sheen was not arrested because no one filed a formal complaint against him.  Estranged ex-spouses Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen were vacationing in New York with their two young children.  Richards was staying in the hotel room across the hall when Sheen, allegedly, got violent after an evening spent with a female prostitute, who was forced to lock herself in Sheen’s hotel bathroom when Sheen got violent.  Richards said her children did not know details of the incident, although they are now at an age where they may understand Sheen’s erratic behavior.  Although Richards stated that she and Sheen have been getting along in the past year and half, these violent episodes raise much concern for the children.  Whether Sheen is fit to have custody of the two girls may be challenged in the future if Sheen does not get his act together.  Full article: ABC News.

Under New York law, a child is subject to a custody arrangement until age 18.  In New York child custody matters, the Court determines custody based on what it believes to be the best interests of the children.  Domestic violence against either a parent or a child is considered in deciding custody. Even where the violence was not committed in a child’s presence, it can still affect the child and will be considered.  A child custody decision is not set in stone. Changing circumstances within the family or with the child may make it necessary to ask the judge for a modification to the original child custody order.  This may include a parent becoming unfit.  Any modification is always based on the best interest of the child and it is never one factor that will determine the court’s decision.

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