October 9, 2012

UBS whistleblower nets $104 million reward

A former UBS banker, Bradley Birkenfeld, who provided information on UBS’ vast business of helping wealthy Americans hide their assets from the Internal Revenue Service has received a $104 million whistleblower reward. Birkenfeld was instrumental in assisting the US government in gathering information. In 2009, the US government and UBS settled the matter and the bank agreed to pay $780 million in penalties and turn over the account information of thousands of US clients. The […]
August 26, 2010

Sea World WhistleBlower: Trainer Death Caused by Park’s Negligence

Former SeaWorld safety chief Linda Simons claims she was fired for talking too much to federal investigators following the February death of trainer Dawn Brancheau by the killer whale Tilikum. Simons, who started work at SeaWorld in Orlando one week before the drowning, has filed a federal whistleblower complaint.  Simons says that just two weeks before the drowning, SeaWorld held a safety drill that went so badly – staffers did not show up or barely […]