April 30, 2012

Glen Cove Mansion Kept Tips, Lawsuit Claims

Leeds Morelli and Brown, has filed a class action lawsuit in Nassau County State Supreme Court on behalf of Brahim Chhab, a former waiter for the Glen Cove Mansion Hotel and Conference Center. The lawsuit accuses the upscale establishment of withholding gratuity wages from its catering staff, according to the plaintiff’s lawyers.
April 6, 2011

N.F.L. Claims Unfair Labor Practice

The N.F.L. has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the players union. The N.F.L. claims that the union has failed to bargain in good faith as it plans to decertify. The union sought approval from players to decertify and if it does, it puts itself out of business as a negotiating body for players. The filing by the N.F.L. was a procedural move intended to prevent decertification. The N.F.L. claims that the union is […]