December 1, 2011

Parents Charged in Faith Healing Case

An Oregon couple has been charged with manslaughter after the death of their 16-year old son. Jeffrey Dean Beagley, 50, and Marci Rae Beagley, 46, tried to heal their dying son, Neil Jeffrey Beagley, with prayer. Neil died June 17 from complications of a urinary tract blockage.
September 22, 2011

Alaska Mom Charged With Child Abuse After Feeding Child Hot Sauce

An Alaska woman who put hot sauce in her adopted son's mouth to get on the “Dr. Phil” show was found guilty of misdemeanor child abuse Tuesday. Mother Jessica Beagley, 36, videoed herself pouring hot sauce down the throat of her 7-year-old adopted Russian son, Kristoff, for misbehaving in school.