September 8, 2014

Think Overtime Compliance is Optional? Think Again!

Failure to comply with overtime laws can result in both costly penalties paid to the government and damages to employees. Complying with overtime laws can seem overwhelming, especially in tough times when every company is trying to do more with less. Employers need to know that failure to adhere to overtime rules can put their company at serious risk for employee lawsuits and government auditing. Most overtime violations stem from non-compliant pay practices involving more […]
May 2, 2013

East Meadow Diner to Pay for Shorting Staff

The owners of the Colony Diner in East Meadow, New York, have pled guilty to underpaying 72 workers and falsifying records. In addition to facing up to 4 years in prison, the owners, George Strifas and Thomas Strifas, have agreed to pay more than $500,000 as part of the plea. This includes $337,780 in back wages to settle minimum wage and overtime violations, $163,742 in damages to the employees and $46,681 in state unemployment insurance […]