June 28, 2012

Olympics Organizers seek deceased Keith Moon to Play Closing Ceremony

London Olympics organizers sought to meet with the band, The Who’s, manager to seek Keith Moon to play at an Olympics event, the Symphony of Rock, which is a celebration of British pop culture that will be part of the closing ceremony on August 12th.  However, the famous drummer has been dead for over 30 years.  The band’s manager informed the Olympics that given his death, it would be impossible.  The drummer died at 32 […]
February 24, 2012

Italian Cruise Ship Crash: 11 dead, 21 missing

The Italian cruise ship tragedy has left 11 people dead and 21 missing. As details emerge of the ship’s captain Francesco Schettino, many are left wondering the fate of the Costa Concordia’s future.
October 25, 2011

Annie Le Family Files Lawsuit Against Yale

The family of Annie Le has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Yale University. Le was murdered two years ago, on campus, by Raymond Clark, III, an animal research technician who worked in the same building, pleaded guilty to murdering Le in March and was sentenced to 44 years in prison.