July 9, 2012

‘Anti-racist’ protesters arrested for brutally attacking white surpremacists

Five men were charged Monday in connection with a brawl at a suburban Chicago restaurant, where “anti-racist” protesters allegedly walloped on white supremacists gathered for lunch.  The brawl took place Tinley Park at the Ashford House. The 20 white supremacists gathered under the guise of a European heritage organization.  Their presence triggered about 18 people wearing masks and hoodies and carrying bats and batons to rush into the restaurant and wail on the group, police […]
July 9, 2012

Andy Gipson, Mississippi GOP Lawmaker, Cites Bible Passage Calling For Homosexuals’ Deaths

Mississippi state Rep. Andy Gipson, a Republican, weighed in on President Barack Obama’s gay marriage decision last week.  Gipson cited a bible passage that calls for gay men to be “put to death.”  In a May 10th Facebook post, Gipson called homosexuality a “sin,” citing Leviticus 20:13 and Romans 1:26-28.  On the same thread, he responded to a follower, calling same-sex relationships “unnatural” and suggesting that they will inherently “result in disease.”  Full article. In […]
July 9, 2012

30-day sentence fuels debate in Rutgers anti-gay bias case

Judge Glenn Berman ordered Dharun Ravi to spend 30 days in jail for spying with a webcam on his gay Rutgers University roommate, Tyler Clementi, who killed himself days later.  Clementi threw himself from the George Washington Bridge.  The maximum sentence for the crime that was motivated by anti-gay bias Ravi is a 10-year term.  The sentence did little to settle the debate over whether Ravi should have faced bias crime charges that are normally […]
June 25, 2012

Religious Discrimination Lawsuit Settled by Taco Bell

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Family Foods, Inc. which is a company that owns some Taco Bell restaurants in North Carolina will pay $27,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit.  An employee sued when he was fired because he refused to cut his hair for religious reasons.  The employee was Christopher Abbey, who is 27 years old and worked for Taco Bell from 2004 until 2010.  He was told to cut his long hair but according […]
June 25, 2012

Discrimination claims against Lenders brought by pregnant women

Various lenders across the country are settling lawsuits based on the fact tat they have denied mortgage loans to women solely because they are pregnant or on temporary maternity leave.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has found that in California, the Lending Tree Loans Company will pay $15,000 to a woman who claimed her application to refinance her mortgage was denied because she was on maternity leave.  Additionally, the HUD found that […]
June 18, 2012

Terry Branstad, Iowa Governor, Slapped With $1 Million Sexual Discrimination Lawsuit

Commissioner Christopher Godfrey is demanding $1 million in compensation Iowa Governor Terry Branstad asked him to resign and later cut Godfrey’s salary after he refused. Godfrey is alleging defamation, harassment, sexual discrimination and extortion against the state based on his sexual orientation.  Godfrey claims he was treated differently than others because he is gay.  In a statement issued by a spokesperson for the Iowa governor, the governor believes he was was acting well within the […]
June 4, 2012

Call Center Times Bathroom Breaks for Employee

A Norwegian insurance company call center has implemented a new system for its workers that will time their bathroom breaks.