October 11, 2012

King Soopers Supermarket Chain sued for Disability Discrimination

In Colorado, a supermarket chain known as King Soopers, Inc., has been sued for disability discrimination because it refused to accommodate long time employee when she attempted to use her medical leave to manage her disability with a bipolar disorder. Then the supermarket chain unlawfully fired the receptionist because of her condition. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) brought the lawsuit on behalf of the former employee. See: http://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/release/9-18-12a.cfm Disability discrimination is against the […]
October 2, 2012

Vito Lopez’s Sexual harassment allegations

Democratic Assemblyman, Vito Lopez, has been given more public attention after he was accused of being a sexual predator who sexually harassed female staffers in his legislative offices as well as other places. As a result, Lopez has been removed as the Assembly’s Housing Committee chairman. Additionally, his staff size has been reduced and he has been barred him from employing interns or anyone under the age of 21. He was also denied seniority benefits. […]
August 3, 2012

Child prostitution arrests across country saves 79 children

Across the country, a nationwide sweep took place which involved more than 2,500 officers working in 57 cities.  The sweep was intended to rescue children from prostitution operations between the ages of 13 to 17.  According to reports, about 100,000 American kids get taken into prostitution each year.  It is found that the people exploiting children in this way are involved engaged in organized crime. They use methods such as the Internet to find vulnerable […]
March 31, 2011

Equal Rights for Female Painters of Bridges and Tower

Efrosini Katanakis fought four years in the courts to win the right to be able to get a job which pays $44 per hour job to paint New York City’s bridges and towers in all kinds of weather.   She, along with three other women, won a lawsuit in September 2010 when Judge William Pauley III of Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled that the city ran bridge painting as a “de facto boys’ club”, turning […]
March 14, 2011

Orenstein’s Cinderella Ate My Daughter Questions Whether Girly Girl World Perpetuates Gender Inequality

Peggy Orenstein’s new book “Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Girly Girl Culture” raises questions of what kind of message are we sending to young girls by pushing on them a sparkly pink princess fantasy world.  Although many will say that the princess phase only lasts a few years, others claim that the girlie girl fantasy world has long lasting effects on women, and perpetuates discrimination in the workplace.  Once […]