July 13, 2011

N.Y. Becomes Sixth And Largest State To Legalize Gay Marriage

New York becomes the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. After contentious negotiations, New York legislatures passed a bill to legalize gay marriage and Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law late Friday evening, June 24, 2011.
April 6, 2011

Marriage Equality for Same-Sex Couples in New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s has made a pledge to make a push in the next few months to pass legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in New York.  About 14 months ago, the State Senate voted, 38 to 24, to continue the state’s discrimination against gay and lesbian couples who want to get married. However, strong leadership by Governor Cuomo could change the outcome of this vote in the future.  The Democratic-led Assembly supports extending the freedom to […]