December 14, 2010

Long Island ‘Hit-Mom’ Trial

Susan Williams is a Garden City mother who has been accused of plotting to kill her husband, showed no emotion as closing summations were given in her trial.  Williams did not take the stand.  The case now rests in the hands of the jury.   Prosecutor Anne Donnelly said that the defendant wife wanted her husband dead so she could get a $1 million life insurance policy.  Donnelly called the defendant the mastermind behind the plan […]
November 4, 2010

FREEDOM for George Michael

Singer George Michael was released from Highpoint Prison in England after serving nearly a month of jail time since the pop singer was sentenced in September after pleading guilty to driving under the influence of drugs.  He crashed his car into a shop front in July, causing damage but no injuries, and has been repeatedly cautioned by police over drug possession.  When police got to the car, they found Michael wide-eyed and appeared “spaced out.” […]