Wage Violations

June 26, 2018
New York Wage and Hour Attorney

Checking Your Check: Why Keeping Track of Your Pay Stubs and Hours Worked Is Important

When Was The Last Time You Examined Your Pay Stub? Under New York Labor Law and the Wage Theft Prevention Act, employers are required to issue a wage statement, or pay stub, every pay period with the employee’s name, the employer’s name, address, and phone number, and the dates covered by the payment. If you don’t receive it the fines can be as much as $50 per day. Assuming you receive pay stubs, here are […]
May 21, 2018
Overtime Pay

Am I Owed Overtime Pay Or Does My Job Classify Me As Exempt?

Is your employer withholding overtime pay? Do you feel you are owed overtime pay? Some employers will engage in unlawful practices to avoid their responsibilities of paying their employees overtime. One such unlawful practice is job misclassification. Learn how you can protect your employee rights.
June 21, 2017

Uber Promises Millions to New York City Drivers

Irregularities May Cost Uber Millions Time Magazine nicely sums up Uber’s controversial impact during the last decade. A June 15, 2017, article states, “Over the past eight years, the hardcharging ride-hailing company has grown into a global powerhouse worth nearly $70 billion, disrupting the taxi industry in 76 countries and creating an app relied on by millions both for rides and for income. The wildly successful company has also been plagued by scandal from the […]
March 20, 2017

Employees Seeking Unpaid Wages Filed a Class Action Lawsuit Against Babu Ji

New York City Restaurant Faces Allegations in Class Action Lawsuit Babu Ji, a well-known New York City eatery, is facing its second class action lawsuit alleging wage violations by the owners of the restaurant. The complaint filed in the Southern District of New York in September 2016 claims that Jennifer and Jessi Singh failed to pay minimum wages, stole tips from employees, violated rules about tip-credits, and did not provide proper wage notices to workers. […]