Religious Discrimination

June 22, 2017

Orthodox Jewish Paramedic Sues Hospital for Religious Discrimination

New York Paramedic Sues Hospital for Religious Discrimination Hadas Goldfarb is suing New York Presbyterian Hospital and the FDNY for religious discrimination, which Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, expressly prohibits. Goldfarb claims in her lawsuit that her employer fired her instead of providing her with a reasonable accommodation for her religious practices. The hospital hired Goldfarb, an Orthodox Jewish woman, as a paramedic. At her orientation, the hospital gave her an […]
March 20, 2017

Muslim Employees Receive Money to Settle Religious Discrimination Claim

Beware of Religious Discrimination in the Workplace Religious discrimination has become a hot topic in recent months as more and more news stories highlight adverse situations people encounter while living and working in New York and throughout the country. During a time when the public is witnessing what appears to be an increase in hate crimes, desecration of religious symbols, and threats to houses of worship, it is important to consider what may also be […]
February 21, 2017

NY Human Rights Commission Alleges Religious Discrimination at JFK

Charges Allege Religious Discrimination at JFK Airport The New York City Human Rights Commission recently filed charges against Pax Assist, Inc. alleging they discriminated against their Muslim employees who provide wheelchair assistance to travelers at John F. Kennedy Airport. Supervisors for Pax allegedly refused to give employees time to pray and break the fast of Ramadan in compliance with their religious rules. According to the Times Ledger of Queens, “Some Muslim employees requested to push […]