Two Brothers Scrap Metal Alleged Unpaid Overtime

Two Brothers Scrap Metal Alleged Unpaid Overtime

Wage & Hour Lawsuit Against Two Brothers Scrap Metal Inc. New York Locations

The Honorable Jeffrey S. Brown, J.S.C., of New York Supreme Court, Nassau County, authorized distribution of notice of class action pendency to non-managerial workers who performed work at Two Brothers Scrap Metal’s New York locations from June 1, 2010 to the present.

Click here to view the full Notice of Wage & Hour Lawsuit against Two Brothers Scrap Metal Inc. in both English and Spanish.

On Nov. 2, 2018, Judge Brown signed a publication order requiring the distribution of notice of the pending wage and hour lawsuit to all machine operators, laborers, factory workers, field workers, drivers, foremen, cutters, and other workers who perform non-managerial work. The notice advises class members of their rights in the pending class action lawsuit – captioned Molina and Guerrero v. Two Bros. Scrap Metal Inc. The lawsuit alleges that Two Brothers Scrap Metal Inc. violated New York Labor Law. Current and former non-managerial employees may be entitled to unpaid wages, including overtime, and damages as a result of their employer’s alleged failure to provide proper notice of wage payments.

Leeds Brown Law, P.C., is serving as class counsel in this lawsuit. Should any class members have questions regarding their legal rights or the status of this case, please call (516) 873-9550 or (212) 661-4370 and ask to speak to the Wage and Hour team.

If you have any questions about this lawsuit, or would like further information about this notice, you can contact the attorneys at Leeds Brown Law, P.C., including Laura R. Reznick, Esq. ( or Michael A. Tompkins ( at (516) 873-9550.

Previously, the Court certified the case as a class action, which can be read about here.