Harvey Weinstein Césars 2014 (cropped)

NY Attorney General Demands Settlement Fund for Victims of Sexual Harassment by Harvey Weinstein or at The Weinstein Company

Harvey Weinstein and The Weinstein Company are under siege. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is holding Harvey Weinstein, his brother Bob Weinstein, The Weinstein Company LLC as well as its parent holding company, The Weinstein Company Holdings LLC responsible for egregious violations of state and city human and civil rights laws including their perpetual gender-based hostile work environment, a climate of quid pro quo sexual harassment and harassment against women in general. On February 11th, 2018, The New York State Attorney General filed a lawsuit alleging that the companies failed in their duty to protect victims from Harvey Weinstein’s unlawful sexual conduct even after several serious complaints were lodged and other actions were filed.

Schneiderman is demanding that “[The Weinstein Company LLC, The Weinstein Company, Holdings LLC, Harvey Weinstein, and Robert Weinstein]…pay a civil penalty to the State of New York in the sum of $100,000 for [each of two violations of the New York State Human Rights Law], $250,000 for each violation of [the New York City Human Rights Law], and $500 for each violation of [the New York State Civil Rights Law]”. There may still be victims of Weinstein’s sexual misconduct who have not stepped forward and may be entitled to damages. The lawsuit aims to provide victims the recovery they deserve.

What The Sale Of  The Weinstein Companies Could Mean For Victims

The Weinstein Company is threatening bankruptcy while negotiating a sale, but Schneiderman is demanding that any deal made includes a settlement fund made available to victims for compensation. As an example, in a recently proposed sale of some of the company’s assets, the estimated amount of the victim’s compensation fund was $90 million. Those who have been sexually harassed while employed by the Weinstein Companies or who have been sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein may be entitled to portions of this fund.