Centerplate Wage And Hour Lawsuit

Wage & Hour Lawsuit Against Centerplate, Inc.

Javits Center entrance Feb 2007

Judge Melissa A. Crane, J.S.C., of New York Supreme Court, New York County, authorized distribution of notice to catered event workers, who worked for Volume Services America, Centerplate, or Javits catered events dating from August 2008 to the present.

On Feb. 13, 2018, Judge Crane signed a publication order requiring the distribution of notice of the pending wage and hour lawsuit to all catered event workers, advising them of their rights in the pending class action lawsuit – captioned as Maor v. Volume Service America, Inc. The lawsuit alleges that workers at catered events failed to receive all of their tips from the catered or banquet events they worked – namely that they were not provided the service charges or administrative charges that were assessed on customers’ bills and contracts. As alleged in the complaint and if proven true, this would violate Labor Law § 196-d.

The distribution of notice to all class members comes nearly a year after Judge Eileen Rakower, J.S.C. certified the case as a class action pursuant to C.P.L.R. §§ 901, 902 on Dec. 15, 2016 after oral argument.

Leeds Brown Law, P.C., along with Virginia & Ambinder, LLP, are the attorneys for the workers and can be reached at 516.873.9550 or 212.943.9080, if any worker has any questions about their legal rights or the status of the case.

If I Am A Part Of This Class, What Do I Do?

As detailed in the Notice of Wage and Hour Lawsuit, the Court has directed the parties to advise workers of the following:

If you are a part of the class described above, you do not need to do anything to join this lawsuit. You are represented by the Class Counsels appointed to this case: Virginia & Ambinder, LLP, as well as Leeds Brown Law, P.C.

Contact attorneys on the case at Leeds Brown Law, including Michael A. Tompkins and Jeffrey K Brown at 516.873.9550 or You can also contact Lloyd Ambinder of Virginia & Ambinder, at 212.943.9080.

Click here to view the full Notice of Wage & Hour Lawsuit against Volume Service America, Inc., D/B/A Centerplate, Inc.