Nelson Brown Subject of Gender Discrimination Suit

Former Female Associate Alleges Discrimination and Retaliation

Another high profile New York law firm faces allegations of gender discrimination. A complaint alleging discrimination and retaliation by Nelson Brown Hamilton & Krekstein (formerly Nelson Levine de Luca & Hamilton) was filed in early April in federal district court in Pennsylvania. The plaintiff, former associate Elizabeth Bailey, worked at the firm as a law clerk in 2011 and started as an associate in 2013.

Bailey’s complaint alleges a persistent pattern of discrimination against women in the firm’s subrogation department. Bailey said that the partners in that department were “more invested and interested in the development of the male law clerk in the department” than they were in her career development. She contended that gender was “a motivating and/or determining factor” in the discriminatory treatment she received, as well as her termination. She also alleged the existence of a hostile work environment based on sex.

Among the specific instances that Bailey cited to support her claim:

  • The suggestion by a partner that they create a “girls of subrogation” calendar
  • Her exclusion from department meetings where male attorneys were invited
  • Withholding of information by male attorneys that prevented her from doing her job
  • Her exclusion from a golf event that was open only to male attorneys

According to Bailey, when she questioned a comment made by a male attorney, she was told, “You’re in a big boys’ club now. You’re going to have to be a big girl and not have feelings of this kind.” She was informed at one point that the firm was “a boys’ club” and that the partners were disinclined to hire female attorneys because they didn’t want to lose them to maternity issues.

Bailey’s complaint also alleges that she complained to the firm’s general counsel, but no action was taken.

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