Armani Hit With $75 Million Discrimination Lawsuit

Armani Discrimination Lawsuit

The former general counsel for fashion leader Giorgio Armani has filed an employment discrimination lawsuit against the company, saying he was singled out for greater scrutiny because he’s of Mexican birth, and that the company wrongfully terminated his employment after learning he had been diagnosed with colon cancer.

In his complaint, filed in September in Manhattan Supreme Court, Fabio Silva says that, shortly after he came on board at Armani, he was told by CFO Thomas Chan that he didn’t trust Mexicans. When others at Armani informed Chan that Silva was of Mexican heritage, Chan immediately made him the target of “heightened scrutiny and unfounded criticism.”

When Silva went to the company’s COO with a written complaint, he was chastised for putting his concerns in writing. Even though he received an outstanding performance review, Silva was informed that he could not receive a raise because he had filed a discrimination report.

As a lawyer, Silva informed company officials that such action was wrongful retaliation, but was told that if he didn’t like the decision, he could find employment elsewhere.

Silva elected to stay at Armani, but was fired in early July, just a day after learning that he had colon cancer. He alleges in his complaint that company officials cited a “lack of trust” as the reason for his termination.

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