Female Kicker’s NFL Flop Draws Criticism From Female Kicker

Lauren Silberman, a women’s soccer player, participated in a regional combine for NFL hopefuls.  Silberman represented herself as a kicker. Although Silberman was given much praise for trying out, at the combine, she averaged a discouraging 15 yards after just two kicks.  She didn’t kick again because she reinjured her leg.  Silberman maintains that just by showing up, she was able to show many young girls that women are able to compete with men.  However, former NCAA Division-I level kicker, Katie Hnida, 31, does not think it was that great.  Nine years ago, Katie Hnida proved a woman who wanted to kick for a D-I football team could overcome significant odds. Hnida transferred to New Mexico from Colorado after reporting incidents of sexual harassment and a rape to university authorities.  Once making the New Mexico team, Hnida was able to kick like a man, a claim that no other woman has since been able at the D-I level. Hnida questioned Silberman’s preparation and ability to compete at this level.  Full article.

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