13 Countries That Make America's Gender Pay Gap Look Embarrassing

President John F. Kennedy’s Equal Pay Act was signed into law with the express purpose of ensuring that women get paid equally for equal work over fifty years ago. However, in 2013, there persists a gender pay gap in America. It is estimated that women in the United States earn four-fifths that of their male counterparts. A study performed by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development shows that the United States lags behind a number of other countries where the gap is much smaller for women. That list includes Belgium, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Norway, Germany, Mexico, France, Slovenia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Australia and Ireland. Full article.

Women in New York earn 84% of what men earn. This wage gap is even more severe for African-American and Hispanic Women, who earn 66% and 55% of that earned by non-Hispanic men in New York State, respectively. Proposed legislation in Albany would also tighten current exceptions so that pay differentials are only allowed when the employer can show that the differential is based on something other than sex and is related to job performance. Additionally, if the new law is passed it will prohibit employers from terminating or retaliating against employees who share wage information, a practice that enables wage disparities to persist undetected.

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