Time magazine breast-feeding cover provokes strong reaction

A Time magazine cover has provoked a strong reaction across the country.  The cover features Los Angeles mother Jamie Lynne Grumet breast-feeding her strapping, almost 4-year-old son.  Time Magazine editors said they ran the provocative cover photo and story to mark the 20th anniversary of the Dr. Bill Sears book on the subject.  Sears and other advocates of attachment parenting testify to its many physiological and psychological benefits, though Time’s reporter on the story says there is no long-term study that proves the benefits. The program calls for not only nursing children well into their toddler years, but for toting young kids in slings, to be closer to their parents, and to encourage them to sleep in bed with mom and dad. Grumet explains that she was breastfed until age 6 because her father, a UC Berkeley-trained nutritional scientist, found the feeding to be imperative.  Full article.

Under New York law, employers must allow breastfeeding mothers reasonable, unpaid break times to express milk and make a reasonable attempt to provide a private location for her to do so.  In addition, an employer may not discriminate against breastfeeding mothers who need to take reasonable breaks to pump.  N.Y. Labor Law § 206-c.  Additionally, N.Y. Public Health Law § 2505-a creates the Breastfeeding Mothers Bill of Rights and requires it to be posted in a public place in each maternal health care facility.

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