Stardock reveals 2010 sexual harassment lawsuit

Stardock Corporation focuses its business on the electronics gaming industry. It has recently made news by revealing that in 2012 a former marketing manager, Alexandra Miseta, had filed a lawsuit against the company CEO, Brad Wardell, for sexual harassment. She claimed that she was exposed to daily comments, innuendos, sexual advances, and inappropriate conduct. In return for this lawsuit, Stardock then sued her for over $1 million dollars claiming that she destroyed marketing materials and stole company property before the game, Elemental: War of Magic, was launched and she left working for them. The company claims that her allegations are frivolous and that they will rely on a public court of law to settle this situation. Read more:

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and many state-level anti-discrimination and sexual harassment statutes prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace.  There are two common types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo harassment and hostile work environment. A hostile work situation typically involves repeated behavior that is abusive or offensive, or that interferes or alters the victims’ ability to perform their job.  Employers that foster or otherwise allow these conditions to continue can be found liable for the conduct of the offending employees.

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