In Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was in federal court recently where a group of Latinos sued his department over evidence showing that Arpaio and his deputies racially profiled Hispanics. The group that is suing is not seeking money damages, but want a statement stating that Arpaio’s office racially profiles people. They are also seeking a non-discrimination policy to prevent this type of behavior from happening in the future. The group is claiming that Arpaio’s officers based some traffic stops on the race of Hispanics in cars when they had no probable cause to pull them over. Instead they were stopped to be asked about immigration status. According to reports provided, undocumented immigrants account for 57 percent of the 1,500 people who are arrested in the 20 sweeps which his office conducted since 2008. Full Article

Discriminating against an innocent individual or a group based on race or national origin may be prosecuted under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, such as those individuals who are Muslim, Arab, Afghani, Middle Eastern or South Asian.  The law prohibits harassment or any other employment action based on religious affiliation, physical or cultural traits and clothing. For more information, see

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