An on-duty New York City police officer committed suicide on a Queens street after arguing with his girlfriend on the phone. The police officer exited his patrol car after getting off the cell phone and pulled out his gun and shot himself in the face. The unnamed officer, 28, was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center where he died. The cop was responding with his partner to a call about a series of car break-ins at the scene. The police department has not released the officer’s name. Read more here

Most life insurance policies contain a suicide provision. The suicide provision states that if the person covered by the life insurance policy dies as the result of suicide within two years from the policy issue date then any beneficiaries would not be able to collect the death benefit. If the insured dies after the two year suicide provision period, the policy should pay the death benefit to the beneficiaries. It is important to check the policy’s exclusions section, since each policy has a slightly different suicide provision.

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