John Travolta faces Assault Claims

Actor John Travolta is being accused of assault and sexual battery.  These charges were brought against Travolta by an unnamed masseur who sued him at the beginning of May. The masseur claims that Travolta hired him to give him a massage and then tried to have sex with him at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  The actor’s representative is claiming the allegations are false.  It is reported that Travolta stripped in front of him touched his genitals in front of him, and then Travolta then offered the masseur a “reverse massage.”  The masseur is now seeking $2 million in damages. Read:

Issues of sexual harassment, for example, are governed by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. As well as by state-level sexual harassment statutes which prohibit sexual harassment to and provide victims with a means to pursue justice.  For example, sexual harassment can occur in one of two ways: Quid pro quo harassment or hostile work environment harassment.  For more information, see:

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